The best quick, easy dinner in the world...

28 August, 2014

No, I am not overstating here. This is THE BEST quick, easy dinner. In the world. Ever.


Now I am a relatively new convert to this japanese pancake of supreme deliciousness.

Way back last year I had a surplus of cabbage, and I put the call out for cabbage recipe suggestion. Lily suggested this one, and I cannot be more grateful. It changed my life. Seriously.

And now I am sharing its secrets with you.

To make two large okonomiyaki:

Step 1: Run out to the garden and pick your veg, or rummage through the fridge crisper and pull out anything looking a bit saggy and generally past its prime.

I went out and gathered one of the smallest savoy cabbages and a few carrots.

Gather your other okonmiyaki required ingredients:

Take 3-4 heaped tablespoons or plain flour and 1 heaped tablespoon of cornflour. Add your egg and a massively heaped teaspoon of miso paste.

Whisk this together until mostly combined.

Then add enough water (not quite a quarter of a cup for me) to make a runny batter.

Add your finely sliced veg (about 3 cups worth) and at least a good pinch of pickled ginger, also finely sliced.

Mix well so it all gets coated with the batter.

Don't worry, its not a thick batter, but it will stick together. I promise.

Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat, add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and then add half your veg/batter mix. Use a spoon to bring the edges and any bits that fall out back into the patty and flatten it out until about an inch thick.

Cook well until browned, at least 4-5 minutes, then carefull flip.

Cook for another 5 mins until cooked through. Poke the middle a bit and check it isn't still gooey in the middle. No one wants to eat gooey undercooked okonomiyaki.

When you are certain its cooked through, slide gently onto your plate. Now the fun begins.

Get your okonomiyaki sauce (kinda like Asian bbq sauce) and drizzle in a crisscross fashion across the whole pancake. Then get your kewpie mayo and do the same, but in the other direction so it is perpendicular to the okonomiyaki sauce. Then top the lot with bonito flakes, dried seaweed and sesame seeds.

There you have it. The best quick, easy dinner in the world.



  1. That sounds really yummy. And a good way to use up some cabbage.

    1. It is a great way to use cabbage. It's one of these recipes that somehow produces much more than the sum of its parts.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. Even better when I had it for leftovers.

  3. 2nd attempt at writing this - slow wi-fi. Those pictures actually made my mouth water. Read it while discussing how my fermented pickled radishes are my new favourite thing ever. Big hit of stinky cheese combined with a delicate pickled veg . Umami - who knew, huh? x

    1. Cheers. I have been following your fermenting and am thinking I might give sauerkraut a go with all that cabbage. Radishes sound awesome too!

  4. Gosh that sounds and looks delicious! I am definitely going to make this, will let you know how it goes :-) Sam xox

    1. Thanks. The toppings really make all the difference for both looks and flavour! Please do let me know what you think if you make it.