Seed sorting...

01 August, 2014

I have finally gotten my act together and sorted my seeds for summer crops.

This always seems an activity of wishful thinking. In the midst of the darkest depths of winter I'm imagining the bountiful cornucopia of produce that the seed boxes with their seed packets promise. I'm planning how many tomato plants I'm going to grow, what varieties and where I will fit them all in.

In the deepest darkest depths of winter. When I'm so cold at times outside my hands and toes and nose are numb.

See: wishful thinking.

But I do it anyway, because I hope that earlier sowings inside where it is warm and coddled during early spring will mean early tomatoes for me. And eggplants, and melons, and peppers...

So I dragged out the seed boxes and sat on the lounge with the heater on, sorting seeds.

My seed boxes are two ex-wine glass boxes (which I have written about before), which is by far the handiest way I've found of keeping seeds. Of course I also felt the need to pretty them up. I have an Autumn-Winter box and a Spring-Summer box with corresponding season appropriate veg pictures.

Each box has six compartments which means each month of the year has a slot, and each slot is perfectly sized for standard seed packet sizes.

 I just slot the seeds appropriate for each month into the slot, which supposedly helps me to successionally sow seeds as the season progresses, although in practice I'm too lazy for this to be effective.


The July compartment was full of seeds for early sowings.

Of my 40+ varieties of tomato seed I have short-listed 24 for early sowing.

These I shall sow over the coming weekend. Yes, I will. No excuses.

Eggplants and peppers are a lower priority, but I hope to sow them in the coming weeks.

Earmarked for early September sowings are the melons, hopefully to get some early crops in around December/January.

Now I just need to get some seed raising mix (attempts at making my own have always proven too messy, so I'm lazy and just buy pre-mixed stuff) and get them into some pots.


  1. How exciting! I have been counting down too.... but I think I will wait til next weekend when its a bit less Arctic! 24 tomatoes is pretty impressive.

    1. 24 tomatoes is my short list. I've culled from around 40 varieties I have seed of.

  2. Hi Bek, what is your method for raising tomatoes in Melbourne at this time of year?

    1. Hi. I sow the seed in small containers of potting/seed raising mix and keep them indoors until they germinate, thinning seedlings to 1-2 strongest plants. Generallly then I've kept them indoors until I plant them out in around Sep/Oct, but this year I'm going to trial putting them in the outdoor greenhouse a lot earlier.
      I'll be blogging on this plan later in the week if you want more details.
      Hope this is helpful.

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  4. I've been trying to plan out how many tomatoes and the varieties I want for this summer. I need to go through my seeds too and probably buy more, I also need to buy in a heap more pots too. I love the way you sort your seeds

    1. Cheers! It's so hard to choose - there are so many enticing varieties! If you are in Melbourne, Ceres nursery has a pot swap area - you might be able to grab some from there rather than purchase.