Why is it so hard to blog in winter?...

03 July, 2014

I'm struggling a bit with blogging. Generally I try to write a post two or three times a week, but over the last month or so that has just seemed so hard.

Maybe because it's so cold and dark outside, or at least it feels particularly on weekdays when I'm stuck in the office all day, that the garden doesn't really seem part of my consciousness.

Maybe it's because garden pickings are mostly in the early hours before I rush off to work, which is not a good time for me to be thinking blog posts, or taking photos of said pickings.

(By the way, current pickings are early spring self sown onions, broccoli, lots of red Russian kale, a few carrots and perpetual spinach, plus the last of the Sundowner apples.)

Maybe it's because by the time I get home I just want to snuggle into the couch with lots of nanna blankets while I watch old episodes of Grand Designs or read books, rather than sit on a proper chair at a proper table and type words on my computer. Somehow I just never seem to be able to drag my laptop to the couch; they are like magnetic opposites, never the twain shall meet.

Maybe it's because the garden just seems to grow so slowly at this time of year, and I don't really feel I have anything new to write about. It feels like it's been the same for weeks. Still just brassicas producing the main crops while everything else is in hibernation, including me.

Maybe it's because not much new is happening on the gardening front, just waiting for time to pass before the seeds boxes get dragged out, seeds stock audits are completed and I finally can start sowing the seeds for early summer crops. But that won't be for a few weeks yet in, although I see some clever people in blog land have started already.

Who knows. Probably a combination of all, plus more I haven't mentioned. But we are past winter solstice, so things should start moving soon. Then I will have more to write about.


  1. That's why I blogged about the dogs today. Nothing much else to say...

    1. True. I never get tired of your dog posts. The King Charles Cavaliers are just so gorgeous.

  2. agree with you that at this time of the years when its dark and cold its hard to be motivated for anything more than kevin mccloud :-)
    I have a link (bookmarked on my work computer) I shall post here tomorrow when I'm at work about 'slow blogging" and it makes perfect sense - blogging when there is something to say, not for the sake of a daily posting schedule! it makes me feel better about posting just once a week.
    so don't feel bad or beat yourself up - accept it as a seasonal rhythm or response to the darker months!

    1. Good to see its not just me enjoying Kevin McCloud and the joys of other peoples' house building joys and woes.
      Slow blogging sounds just about perfect for this time of year. I shall take that as my winter blogging motto ;)

  3. love it, good idea.
    as promised: http://www.practisingsimplicity.com/2014/04/slow-blogging.html