Peas on the way...

17 July, 2014

I got a surprise on an early (i.e. still light) evening afternoon walk around the garden.

I've got two lots of peas on the grow, one being a self sown lot that came up in last years' legume bed, which made me think that if they can germinate, so can some others. Thus the second lot was sown not long after (in April, from my admittedly poor memory).

The self sown ones are purple podded, grown from seed saved from year to year from the original packet bought about five years ago now.

They come up every year.

That's them in the somewhat crooked teepee I put up for them just this weekend gone. Which they seem to like, as they've already started flowering.

I really like these as they are prolific, as well as being easy to harvest as the purple pods stick out a mile.

That said, I also like other peas.

The sown Greenfeast peas (in the proper legume bed rotation) are just next door, and were sown in a pleasing line between the arch posts to make for easy training. I've already given them some sticks to climb up, and I'll be putting up string lines between the posts this weekend to give them something to grow up.

These peas have been growing well though they are obviously behind the self sown seed eight ball.

But despite being shorter, they are also flowering.

Pea flowers are just so pretty.

And bonus, they turn into peas.

Not too long now!


  1. I love the purple pea flowers. I used to grow a bicolored one but now it is just one kind and they are all white. I miss the purple flowers.

    1. I do like the purple flowers, but there is something about the pure white ones that I love.
      For some strange reason I can grow peas fine, but sweet peas never prosper. So I have to make do with regular pea flowers.

  2. hello fellow pea lover :-) i love peas too! eating them (all varieties), growing them - the flowers, the tender green leaves and shoots. i've been looking for purple podding ones locally - well, i did last summer, i shall have to get onto it again soon for spring planting.

    1. Pea lovers unite! I hope you find the purple podded ones again - they are so worth it, if nothing else for the beautiful purple pods contrasted with the bright green peas inside.