Harvest Monday...

14 July, 2014

Once again we come to Harvest Monday, led by the fabulous Daphne.

My harvests are all about consistancy, not variety.

Lots of broccoli.

The first cauli, and some kale.

A few bunching onions from last years' onions gone to seed.

And more kale, and more broccoli.

Not shown are a few lettuce leaves, a few rhubarb stalks and Sundowner apples.

For hopefully more interesting harvests, check out other Harvest Monday posts from around the globe at Daphne's.


  1. I'd certainly love a harvest that gave me a lot of broccoli all the time. I love it so much. Especially with cheese sauce.

    1. Hmm cheese sauce. Definitely going on the next cauli harvest.
      I also love char grilling them, then dressing like a salad. So yum.

  2. Brassicas seem to be doing well this season. Wish I'd planted some cauli now. Love that cute little enamel pot, bit of a sucker for enamel and cast iron cookware!

    1. They have. A bit of cabbage moth damage, but not too bad. The enamel pot was inherited from my grandmother. Its perfect for picking veg for dinner.