Go greenhouse go...

02 May, 2014

Where did autumn go? It feels like wintery darkness has decended all too suddenly. Getting home in the dark makes celebrating garden happenings and garden produce feel all too difficult. Hence the lack of blogging of late.

But I refuse to be beaten. I will not succumb to the wintery weather and will hold onto autumn for as long as I damn well can. 

This means war. And I'm pulling out the big guns (well, the biggest guns at my disposal): the greenhouse.

I have moved my mini greenhouse to the garden bed which houses most of the chillies and capsicums. There are still some flowers and some mini fruits so I'm hopeful that these will come to fruition in the snug environs the greenhouse provides.

Surely these will last a little longer tucked up in here, which will help me (just a little) think that winter is not right around the corner.

What are you doing to keep in the autumnal mindset? Or spring mindset for you northern hemisphere-ers?


  1. definitely argree with you bec, autumn went too fast. mum and i always say winter lands with a bang - it's here so suddenly. that's what's happening now. this weekend i fear!
    i will follow your greenhouse to see how it works - i mean i know how it works - but your success! i've actually never even contemplated a greenhouse. that's determination!

    1. A bang indeed!
      I hope it is successful. I will have to ensure I relay how it goes. I'd love to have a proper walk in greenhouse and one day hope for the room for a polytunnel. But alas I fear it will be a long long time (if ever) before I have the pleasure.

  2. Good idea. I must investigate making some plastic covers for my wicking tubs when I have capsicums in them. Hope you've got your greenhouse stabilised against strong winds. It looks a bit fragile out there on its own.

    1. Could you do the bendy pipe thing (as you suggested for the makeshift plastic wrap greenhouse) and cover with plastic/horticultural fleece?
      It is hard to see but it is well tied to three stakes. I don't want it blowing away!