Garden Share Collective: May

03 May, 2014

Welcome to this month's installment of Garden Share Collective, where gardeners across the globe share their gardening adventures.

Winter is on it's way, as much as I hate to admit it. But that said there are still things going on.


This month I planted my garlic and peas. Both have emerged into the cooling weather and seem to be holding up ok.


There have been quite a few things still holding up well from summer plantings.

Zucchini continue to produce a few zukes every week.

Likewise the cucumbers and beans. They get the afternoon sun and so get a bit of extra warmth.

The cukes are still flowering.

But the fruits don't seem to be maturing. I've been picking them as tiny things and they still taste delightfully cucumber-y.

The beans are still producing fully sized and fully flavoured beans.

I pick a handful or so each week.

In the last of the summer veg, these are the last of the tomatoes.

These are the last preserving toms which didn't ripen in time to make it into the bottled tomatoes. I think I'll freeze them when I get around to it.

New season harvests just around the corner are the brassicas.

The savoy cabbages are starting to look good, and I may pick a few outer leaves for okonomiyaki.

The broccoli look a little while away yet though.

This is not strictly a planned harvest, but I planted a mustard green manure crop, and I've been stealing a few spicy leaves for salad.

The fruit harvests have been a bit limited, but tasty.

I'm still picking apples. These Pink Lady's are from my step-over apples.

Autumn fruiting raspberries have provided a few small but flavoursome garden snacks.


And in almost harvests, or possible harvests, the saffron is starting to shoot.

Last year I got no crop. I can't say I'm that hopeful for this year, but will be keeping an eye out.

To do:
  • Plant onion seeds.
  • Try not to buy more seeds than I can ever plant.
  • Figure out a relatively convenient way to harvest in the dark.

 What garden plans do you have?


  1. I am trying to make sure that I read all of the garden share posts this month, and enjoying discovering more lovely blogs to follow. I agree with your to do list to not buy more seeds than I can possible plant. I feel so guilty when I look at a packet that I thought I would plant, but quite honestly dont have the room for.

    1. I know - I try to read them all but often don't get around to it. I'm glad you made it to mine.
      I'm shocking when it comes to buying too many seeds - there's always another variety that I want to try. Then I have the same problem of not enough room in the garden!

  2. Lol I also agree with the do not buy more seeds than you can plant comment! So hard to not want to try just another type of plant :-) Your apples look divine. I am looking forward to our trees maturing so we get some fruit but that is a way off yet.

    1. Thanks Krystie! Glad I'm not the only sufferer. ;)
      I do love the apples - homegrown is pretty good. I hope your trees mature soon so you are sharing the homegrown joy.

  3. Raspberries! Next year we are planting them somewhere, just need to find room! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

    1. I know. They are few and far between, and sometimes the birds get them first, but its so good when I beat them to it.
      I highly recommend the variety Willamette - they are dual cropping (summer and autumn) and really tasty. I grow about 9 varieties and these are by far the best.

  4. Its interesting to see where other gardens are up to at this time of year. I know what you mean about harvesting in the dark! some how everything seems to hide (and its hard to hold a torch and rifle through the foliage at the same time- I have been taking the LED lantern- which makes life easier but makes me feel like a crazy gardening lady out in the dark). Doesn't help my other half dug 2 (now very muddy) holes on the way out to my lane way raspberries just to keep me on my toes.

    1. I know - so much variation between gardens, and always new ideas to pick up!
      I am so close to getting a head torch helmet thing, just for harvesting. At the moment I'm mostly picking in the early morning light before work, but I know that won't last for much longer. Good luck avoiding the holes. :)

  5. wow bec, you still have a lot going on in your garden! raspberries - gasp! we haven't seen them for a couple of months now down here. i agree with jodie, i always love seeing what other people are still doing in their gardens, especially as mine is rapidly shutting down! thanks for a great look about your garden.

    1. Cheers e! I too love seeing what other gardeners are up to, long may the GSC continue!

  6. Your harvest looks beautiful.
    Makes me want to go out and start sowing.
    I highly recommend that you try a led head lamp.
    I use mine every night, super bright, rechargeable, allows hands free.
    I got one for an excellent price on Ebay.
    Lots of sellers seem to sell the same model for a wide variety of prices, but this was about the best.

    1. Excellent! Thanks for the tip. I shall be sure to check it out.

  7. Wow... your produce looks fantastic! The plump green beans and crimson raspberries are so enticing.