Garden Share Collective: April

06 April, 2014

Once again it is time for Garden Share Collective.

It feels like March has gone really quickly. We've had a few hot and humid days lately, so I don't really feel as if we are quite in Autumn yet. I am assisted in this delusion by the summer crops that keep coming along. I'm sure it will hit me soon enough though.


I am so bad at planting. I have actually managed to plant out my brassica seeds from February, as planned in March. They are doing pretty well.

But other than that planting has been limited to chucking a few brassica seeds (some saved broccoli/cauli mix, so who knows what I'll get in that bed, and some mustard for a green manure in the raised bed veg patch which was the brassica bed and will house the solanums this summer, so I'm hoping they will enjoy the extra nutrients). But that's it. It doesn't feel like much.

I need to plant out my garlic, and start thinking about onions. Another one for the to do list.


Summer crops pretty much.

Zukes continue well. The milk/soap spray (thanks Lizzie!) has worked well to keep the worst of the powdery mildew at bay and they are still hanging in there.

I've been harvesting tomatoes, the first chillies (finally), some corn.

Some have gone into preserves, as per the plan last month.

The melons are pretty much ready.

Apples are also coming along nicely.

To Do List:

  • Plant garlic. 
  • Think about where onion beds will go this year.
  • Plant blueberries into wicking buckets.
  • Move mini greenhouse to chilli bed.
  • Harvest basil to make pesto.

That's my garden for April. How's yours going?


  1. Wow, look at your gorgeous apples! Garden's looking good!

  2. Glad to hear the spray worked well for you on the powdery mildew. Those zucchini's do look really healthy and before you know it you shall have a great haul of brassica's too.

    1. Cheers, they only look healthy due to your advice. As much as I love summer produce I'm very much looking forward to the brassicas.