Early to mid season apples...

11 April, 2014

Much like with my very early apples, I've been enjoying picking my own apples for garden snacks. Now that the orchard is starting to get a few years under its belt, I'm finally getting some harvests.

First up of the early apples were the Grand Duke Constantine cropping in early March.

These are a gorgeous big bright red apple where the sun hits, and a mottled red and yellow on the shaded side. They have a nice sweet flavour, but are a bit floury when left a little too long and I definitely should have picked the last of these earlier. Note to self for next year.

Next up was the St Edmund's Pippin in mid March.

While not the most impressive looking of apples, this one packs a flavour punch. It is quite nice in flavour, having a slight honey-ish heavy sweetness but with a little tart acid-y finish which was really delicious. Pity there was only one of these this year.

Following closely along was (the apple with my favourite name) Hubbardston's Nonesuch. This one was ready in mid-late March.

I was particularly impressed with this one as it was only planted last year, and produced two very nice apples. They were a gorgeous green with dark red-ish mottling. And it's not just a pretty face. This was an exceptionally crisp apple, with an almost grape-y flavour. I really hope this one comes up with the goods again next year.

Lastly, the current apple gracing my table is the Fugi.

This tree has produced five whopper fruits. They have the usual Fugi flavour, with the added flavour hit of having grown them myself.

The thing that amazes me is how different they all are. I am loving discovering new flavours and favourites with each tree that crops, and know that I'll be experiencing this joy for quite a while as I've probably only had a crop from about a third of my apple varieties so far.

The only sad thing about having a really good apple that you have to wait a whole year to taste it again.

At least now I know its worth the wait.


  1. We're just coming into blossom now, pears and plums open, apples are the ladies in waiting.

    1. It's so nice to hear that. It makes me feel the blossom here is not as far away as it seems as we head into winter in Aus.

  2. An apple with a grape flavour? That does sound intriguing. I remember having an apple taste testing in Wisley garden, UK many years ago and the flavours can be so amazing different. Shame that once they are gone you have to wait a year but I guess that is the joy of food.

    1. Yes, it took me a while to put my finger on the flavour. I love how they are all so different, and yet are still apples. I actually like the between season wait, as it makes it more special. But it does feel a long time all the same.

  3. I have only heard of 3 of these apples. Your Hubbardston's Nonesuch sounds delightful and how beautiful and original is your St Edmunds Pippin. Your photograph of the Grand Duke is magical and it makes the Fuji almost sound common! Apples are a seasonal delight and always worth the wait :)

    1. So they are. I'm glad we are in autumn and the midst of apple season now.