Morning meander...

16 March, 2014

Last night we finally had some rain. I think that's the second decent rainfall (i.e. more than a random 10 drops) in the last 3 months. The garden has badly needed it. So it was quite nice to get out this morning and see moist soil rather than baked earth on my morning meander about the garden.

Spaghetti squash is getting close to prime picking age.

Melons are close to ripe.

Watermelons too. There are two hiding under the leaves here.

This is the largest one, with its baby siblings.
Brassica beds are looking good. On the right is the cauli bed, and the left has cabbages and kale.

I protect the mulched beds from blackbird redistribution by wire. However this doesn't do much about the cabbage moths. These have had a little nibble, but Dipel sprayings have stopped the damage.
Peppers are still coming along and the plants are still flowering. Not sure what I'll get, but its nice to see them so lush.

This one is Hungarian Sweet Wax. I love the slightly wind-y shaped fruits.

Autumn raspberries are coming.
While I wait for the raspberries I'll console myself with some late strawberries.

Meanwhile the strawberry runners come. Do I really need another strawberry bed???

Second crop of corn almost there.

Likewise preserving tomatoes. I've been picking the ripe ones and building up a stash, but there are many green ones.

Second sowings of beans has been very productive, and still is putting out flowers.

Cucumbers are going well.

I've been trying to train them up the apple espalier, which seems to be working well.

Well, that's the garden this morning. Time to head back inside for another cup of coffee.


  1. PURE ENVY!!!!
    what a fabulous autumn garden you have - so much still to harvest and eat. how wonderful, becs.

    1. Thanks E! I'd be happier with a few more tomatoes and some successful eggplants, but you've reminded me it is pretty good, so I shouldn't complain. :)