Garden Share Collective: March

02 March, 2014

Yay for Garden Share Collective, where gardening bloggers unite and share their successes, woes and plans.

Where has summer gone? I know it was there (gosh did I feel it on those days over 40 degrees C - too many of them!) but I can't believe it has gone so quickly. It is feeling like autumn now; cooler, darker mornings and a few days of needing a jumper or longer trousers where previously a t-shirt and shorts sufficed.

So I'm looking past the summer crops still coming and looking ahead to winter crops.


I have planted out a few brassica seedlings (mostly broccoli, although the cauli's and kale will follow shortly).

These remaining seedlings will get planted out over the next week or two.

The only reason they have survived so far has been regular sprayings of Dipel, as the cabbage moths have been out in force!

Luckily some of last month's plantings have survived our crazy summertime temps.


There remains a mix of summer crops, including those plentiful and those still almost there.

Figs are feeding the local bird population, and a few of my friends.

I'm not really a fig fan.

Zucchini continues to attempt to take over the garden.

But there appears the beginnings of fungal infection.

Any suggestions?

Beans have had a second wind and are cropping well. They also are infected, but this appears to be a tiny, tiny bug. I'm not sure I've seen this sort of leaf damage before, but I'll be trying some pyrethrum and seeing if this helps.

Tomatoes are ripening, joy of joys.

And then there are the 'almosts':

Plenty of still green tomatoes.

Preserving tomatoes needing to catch up.

Peppers almost there.

And lastly there are the ones 'still a little while away yet':

Spaghetti squash.


Second plantings of corn.

Second plantings of dwarf beans.

Just look at all the little beans.

Second planting of cucumbers (I hope these are successful as the first sowings had dismal crops).

To Do List:
  • Plant out brassica seeds. 
  • Consider second sowings of brassicas.
  • Start harvesting ripe toms for a stash in the freezer, and bottle tomatoes when a sufficient stash is gathered.
  • See if can work out some sort of greenhouse type arrangement to extend slow summer crops.

That seems like plenty to be going on with.

How is your garden going this March? What plans have you got for the autumn months?


  1. That's interesting that you have Dipel - we use it at work but I' ve always had to say it's not available for domestic use. Will have to check the UK market listings again, I know people would find it really useful.

    1. I didn't know it wasn't available everywhere. We can buy it in the local hardware stores. I don't know what I'd do without it. Actually that's a lie. I'd cover the brassicas with fine mesh, which is a pain.

  2. I have had that mite on my beans before but usually it doesn't appear to much later on in the season (April/ May) when the beans are nearly done. I usually ignore it and just figured what ever is attacking the leaves is just there because the plant is on the way out and has lost its resistance. I get lots of caterpillars on my beans too but my chooks LOVE them so end up standing there trying to find the dam things because I every time I go over to pick beans I have three beady sets of eyes fixed on me expectantly.

    1. I think my beans were a bit weak because of the stress they went through in those very hot days. The second sowings (in a completely different area) have so far been very healthy, so I hope they won't get them until later in the season.
      Yes, I know what you mean. I get those looks from my ducks when they think I have snails for them.

  3. your garden looks so beautfiul, i too love the sight of little tiny beans! you have so much going on still,
    autumn is definitely creeping in here in hobart, too. a distinct chill in the air in the mornings - but beautiful days.
    thank you for a lovely look around. i've got to get some of those yellow zukes next summer!

  4. Ive had to start spraying earlier this year for clusterbug and white cabbage moth on my brassica's too. Looks like you have powdery mildew on your zucchini. Make up a spray bottle of 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid and 2 tbsp of milk and half water give a good shake and spray the leaves. Do this sooner rather than later you don't want it to spread. Keep this routine up if necessary. And don't water the leaves of the plant when watering ect too.

    1. Yes! I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the disease when I was typing the post. I will give that spray a try! Cheers.