Why bother with take-away?...

23 February, 2014

Feeling a bit peckish on a Saturday night?

Feel like carby, cheesy, tomatoey goodness?

This is all you need to do.

Whack the oven on its hottest setting and put a sturdy metal tray on the top shelf. (Or one of those pizza stones if you happen to have one.)

Have a quick wander around the yard and pick whatever looks good. Don't forget lots of basil.

Spend two minutes chopping the tomato and zucchini. Roll out your pizza bases from pre-made dough, or some you froze as leftovers from the last time you made bread, or some bought pizza bases. Whatever rocks your world. Make sure they are on sheets of baking paper.

Top with homemade passata, then a grating of parmesan, then your zucchini, LOTS of basil, blobs of buffalo mozarella and more parmesan.

Gently slide your baking paper/pizza sheet onto your pre-heated tray and put into the oven.

While that's cooking, get to work on the next one using the above formula, but substituting zucchini for tomato. (My rolling skills weren't quite as good this time.)

Pull the cooked pizza out, put the uncooked pizza in.

Wait impatiently intermittently opening the oven door (only a tiny bit) to see if the pizza is done yet. Mutter "come on" about twenty thousand times. When the pizza is golden brown around the edges and you simply cannot wait any longer, remove pizza from oven.

Cut into slices.

Eat while sitting on the couch with a cider. Well, perry for me this time, but anyhoo.



  1. I tried to leave a comment this morning, but I think in my delirium at the sight of those pizzas I forgot to publish it (dork). Anyway, the gist of it was: YUM. They look amazing. I've got a lot of pumpkins on the verge of ripeness, and you've gone and reminded me of pumpkin sage pizza, one of the wonders of the slow fast food universe.

    1. Pumpkin and sage pizza, now that sounds amazing!

  2. oooh - they look so good and summery. It's leeks and brassicas all the way here at the moment. Although I do like a kale and blue cheese pizza.

    1. I do kinda miss kale and leeks right now. But tomatoes makes up for it. I do like kale on a winter pizza (not so much blue cheese though...)

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers! It was pretty amazing if I say so myself.