Sow brassica seeds - tick...

12 February, 2014

I have finally sown my brassica seeds.

Witness the evidence of my industry / eventual succumbings of my gardening conscience which has been telling me to sow my brassicas for at least a month.

Last year I had the best success I've had with brassicas, most notably cauliflower, and I put it mostly down to early sowing. This year I have been meaning to follow suit, but from one reason or another I kept putting off sowing my brassica seeds.

No more.

I've sown cauliflower (Snowball), cabbage (Savoy), broccoli (Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Italian, Ironman and Legacy) and kale (Tuscan and Red Russian).

I also distributed some crushed seedheads of brassicas gone to seed randomly around the front yard in an experiment. I have no idea if I will get anything worthwhile.

Yay. Another task ticked off the garden to-do list.


  1. We also sowed our caulies early last year and had great success! We plan on doing our seeds this weekend; we have cauliflower (snowball, green macerata), broccoli (romanesco, green sprouting, raab), cabbage (January King, curly) and Kale (Tuscan Black). Fingers crossed for both of us :)

    1. Yay for seed sowing! I hope your success is repeated. I like the sound of curly cabbage!!

  2. Sounds like a job I really really must do. I think there will be lots of tasty food blogs coming up through winter. I wonder what delicious things you will find in that library

    1. I highly recommend early sowing of brassicas! I hope there will be plenty of tasty food blogs! I have a couple of books from irish and scottish chefs, so I'm hoping they will give me lots of good ideas!