Thermomix jam success...

31 January, 2014

After my previous jam making epic fail, I have hesitated to use the thermomix for jam. Not because it isn't extremely easy, but because I do like jam to be jam, not sauce, and the Thermomix doesn't quite get to the rolling boil that a pot of jam on the stove does, hence the lack of achieving temperatures high enough to gel the jam. So to speak.

But with the blackberry haul from the weekend sitting in my fridge saying "do something with me you fool before we go all mouldy and/or ferment, and all the scratches on your arms will be wasted", obviously action was required.

So I manned up and put my 800g of blackberries (original haul was around a kilo, but of course some have to be sacrificed to quality control, and I froze some in this method for baking) into the thermomix with a whizzed up lemon and 600g sugar. To this I added 50g i.e. one packet of Jamsetta, which is double the suggested quantity for my weight of berries.

I cooked this for 100 degrees C, 30min, reverse, speed 2.

Then I tested for gel.


So away I poured the delicious blackberry-y concoction into pre-sterilised recycled jars.

I like how there is an even distribution of seeds throughout.

 That is a good sign.

So now I am letting them cool, and listening for the pops of the lids as they concave, and enjoying the feeling of satisfaction of having made a good foraged, homemade food.


  1. Congratulations! I'm not a jam person, but I do make marmalade in my Thermie and I find it ALWAYS needs lots of jamsetta. It does get to a rolling boil with me, but best not to look directly in lest you cop an eyful of hot jam! I use the basket on the top instead of the MC, which allows steam to escape better and reduces splashing. Gotta love that Thermie.

    1. Cheers. I confess I am not much of a jam person myself, but I do love blackberry jam. I think it has childhood connotations of us blackberrying in a place called Blackwood, near Trentham, every year. Then there would always be jam making. Even the smell of it cooking in the house was evocative.
      True, the thermie does get a rolling boil, but it is more of a bubble, bubble, toil and trouble type boil rather than a lava like mass of screaming hot sugar that stove top jam making has. Or so it seems to me.
      Thanks for the basket tip - I use it when making mashed potatoes and cooking the spuds, but didn't think to use it for jam.

  2. Yes, extra Jamsetta is the trick.
    I still had so much jam left over from last year that I haven't made any this year.

    1. I too always seemed to make more jam than I eat, but now I give them away and use them in baking and don't have as many jars cluttering up my preserves shelves anymore.

  3. The up side of not tending to our blackberries is that we have an awesome crop! I did exactly what you said, looks good! thanks so much :)

    1. Ah lazy gardening is the best :) enjoy your jam!