Morning meander...

12 January, 2014

It being a somewhat cool Melbourne morning I headed out to do a bit of preemptive watering for the hot week ahead (it's forcast to hit 41 degrees C on Tuesday, with high 30's for the rest of the week). As I practice deep watering this gives me a lovely opportunity between moving the soaker hoses to meander about the garden.

Step-over apples are coming along nicely.
Also on the fruit front - Anzac peaches are nearly ready.

I FINALLY have a yellow zucchini, after 3 years of failed plants. Never give up!

My sole remaining fennel plant. From about 300 seeds planted. My resident bugs must like fennel.

Onions ready for harvest. Most of the plants have 'fallen over' indicating they are ready to be dried and stored.

Cucumbers are growing well.

First cucumbers almost ready.

Ditto this one.

Gifted tomatoes (thanks Tim!) are leading the tomato race, but still ages away from ripe. I'm growing these with peppers/capsicums and basil, though these have also been slow growing.

The from seed tomatoes are WAY behind. The tallest on the right is 'New Yorker' and on its left 'Patio' are the only ones which survived from my early July sowings. All the others are from re-sowings in October.

But the passata tomatoes are looking pretty good. I'm not staking these, but am experiment with letting them ramble. They are in the orchard in amongst the early apples.

The only tomato to fruit so far: this one was bought from the nursery (I think it's called 'Tumbler' from memory) and has a sprawling growth habit. I've never grown a tomato in a hanging basket before but its going well.

Blackberries are ripe...

...with more on their way.

Melons are growing well.

Climbing beans have finally hit the top of the arch.

Corn shouldn't be too far away.
And lastly, the ducks are changing their feathers. The boys (in the back left and right) are losing the green feathers around their heads.


  1. There is such a difference between Sydney and Melbourne. My corn have finished. I am thinking about pulling out the beans. As for the tomatoes Mr R has been out picking at least a dozen a day so we are busy using tomatoes in all sorts of things all the guess are sent home with a bag full of them.

    Love those ducks. But why are they losing the green feathers?

    1. I'm always jealous of how you Sydney-spiders have such early crops, and this is no exception :)
      I'm not sure exactly why they lose the green feathers, I guess it's just part of their natural moulting pattern, but they will get their gorgeous luminous green head feathers again in spring. It's funny to see them in transition though.

    2. *Sydney-siders
      (Damn auto correct)

  2. Lovely Bek. I enjoy your morning meanders. Thanks for the overview of where things are at. I think our timing here at Highfield is much like yours in Melbourne really except that we might be just a little ahead of your timing. I have only started picking corn and cucumber now and a few tomatoes. If I were still in Sydney, I like 'Digging' above would have had these crops going for a good long while too.

    I love your ducks. I have a big Muscovy to deal with soon...

    1. Cheers. Muscovy ducks! How exciting. I can't wait to hear more about them

    2. Oh I am so jealous- your garden is beautiful! It's cold and snowy here in NY.

      KK @ www.preppypinkcrocodile,com