What to do with slightly over-ripe strawberries on a hot day...

02 December, 2013

Take slightly over-ripe strawberries. (Although at a pinch perfectly ripe ones will do.)

 Cut off tops and any dodgy or squishy bits. Add to blender (or Thermomix, in my case).

Add about two teaspoons of sugar for each big handful of strawberries. Blend. Add a big handful of ice. Blend again.

Pour into a glass.

Admire the gorgeous rosy red hue.


Repeat for as long as the hot weather holds out or you run out of strawberries.


  1. oh my how prettily luscious... lucky you!

  2. Cheers! I have to say before having too many strawberries I would never have done this - it would seem too wasteful of strawberry goodness. But having an almost never ending supply this is a great way to use them up!