Freezing raspberries...

29 December, 2013

Firstly, I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. Mine was a prime example of our usual family Christmas: a get together Christmas Eve (our family background is a mix of German and Ukranian, so we do Christmas Eve) with lots of seafood (beautiful prawns, oysters and scallops), roast pork with the best crackling, mum's awesome roast potatoes (her new pride and joy in the newly renovated kitchen is a double stove - I'm so jealous - which makes THE BEST roast potatoes! If mum made a roast nowadays without these potatoes I think there would be a mutiny) and a salad picked from her garden, then games (this year was Smart Ass which is a trivia type game - very fun), watching a bit of Carols By Candlelight on tv and of course the obligatory present opening. Unfortunately my present has been slightly delayed by Australia Post, so I will have to wait to share it with you. But even so many happy fun times were had.

But now it feels a bit back to normal. I'll take the decorations down today and away they will go and Christmas will be over for another year.

So back to it. For me the number one task of late has been getting up a stash of raspberries. And for me the best way to preserve raspberries is to freeze them. Bottling them makes them lose their raspberry structure and fall into syrup, which is nice but not ideal for later baking which is primarily what I want them for. So freezer it is.

However it's not quite as simple a process as whacking picked raspberries into a container or bag and letting freeze. (Darn!) Doing that just leaves you with a frozen clump of raspberry which needs to be hacked apart into pieces before cooking with, which is both dangerous and annoying.

A better strategy is to lay out the raspberries on a tray. Put the tray in the freezer (usually a couple of hours is sufficient.

 I love how they develop this frosty coat when just out of the freezer.

I then put them in a usual plastic bag. When I feel I have enough, or I run out of raspberries to freeze, I will change these over into a more hardy zip lock bag. But in the interim this works well. I don't use containers because it wastes space in the freezer as you empty the container, and I think completely unobectively that the freezer 'burn' (when icicles form on the frozen product, which is actually water from inside the produce making its way out, causing dehydration and flavour loss) is worse in containers.

See how nicely they play together. No clumping.

Back into the freezer it goes.

This stash ought to last me for a while.


  1. Happy Christmas to you! Now the next thing to do is to dip those frozen raspberries in dark chocolate, wait for the raspberry to defrost and the chocolate to harden, eat, swoon, repeat..

    1. Happy Christmas to you too! I love that raspberry idea... Now I just need to get myself some dark chocolate...

  2. Thanks for the tips, esp the one about freezer burn. I'll use more bags in future. I always freeze my home-made hamburgers on a tray first. Beats trying to stuff a fresh one into a plastic bag that doesn't want to open!

  3. No problem, I hope it's as useful a tip to you as it's been to me. I totally agree with pre freezing on trays first; I'm sure it would work for lots of different foods, and though it seems like a fiddly extra step it really saves time and sanity in the long run.