An early Christmas present...

18 December, 2013

Sorry its been few and far between posts lately. Like many others it has just been too busy and hectic to post, but I just had to share this with you.

Yes, that there is a baby mango!!!!

In Melbourne!!!

My mango tree has set fruit. I'm so excited.

My mango tree is a variety called Florigon, which is a dwarf variety (i.e. can be kept to 5m tall as opposed to the 30m wild mango tree specimens) alleged to be happy in a more sub-tropical/temperate climate. I planted it in 2011 in an area which gets morning and early afternoon sun, and against a house wall which is where the heater is with the idea that in winter the waste heat from that wall will help protect the plant from colder winter nighttime temperatures. (For those not familiar with Melbourne's climate we get a couple of overnight frosts a few degrees below zero degrees C  with daytime temps between 8-12 degrees C in winter, where as summer time day temperatures are generally in the late 20's and 30's degrees C, with a few 40 degree plus days for spice.)

As you can see it is also where there is a dwarf Lady Finger banana, and a few rhubarb plants (one of which is under the inverted pot in a rhubarb forcing experiment).

Each year the tree has flowered, and then grown from the flowering point at a rate of about 30cms a year. Given that mango trees can get up to 5m and this is way too close to the house for that to be allowed to happen, I think this slow growing is going to help me keep this tree cropped to a more manageable 2-3m height. Around November the mango tree flowered. 

Around the start of December it looked like fruit was setting.

But now I'm sure.

There appears to be at least 20 little baby mango fruits. I'm sure many of these will drop off the plant in the coming weeks. But I hope at least one stays on to become a homegrown mango.

That would be an awesome Christmas present. What more could any gardener ask for?


  1. Indeed Bek. Mango's in Melbourne, I better get myself one!

    Gav x

    1. Definitely do it! I got mine from Daley's Fruit Trees, where they have a lot of choice of variety and good info. If you get one I'd love to hear how it goes.

  2. That's so exciting!! I wish I wasn't renting so I could plant fruit trees in the ground. Hope you get lots of (or at least some) fruit this year!

    1. Cheers. So do I!
      I feel your pain on renting, as I was in the same boat for many years and had a few fruit trees/plants (a lemon and 3 blueberries) that I dragged around from place to place. So perhaps it could be done...

  3. WOW this is so great! Congratulations on your baby mangoes!

    1. Thanks. I hope they make it to delicious full flavoured mango adulthood.