Morning meander...

24 November, 2013

It's been a little while since I did one of these, and on today's grey and drizzly morning in Melbourne I just couldn't get excited about heading into to the yard to do any of the multitude of tasks on my gardening to-do list. So I took my camera out and meandered a bit. This is what I came across:

Plaited garlic drying nicely under the varandah.

The step-over apples have set a heap of fruit. Yay!

Artichokes are going to flower. I can't keep up with them.

Peaches looking a bit wet.

But wait, whats this??!!

There are more!


Planted out zucchini's have survived. Beetroot seeds are coming up too! (I'm also remembering to label plants!)

My only remaining brassica's from my summer planting - Collards! Great for leaf by leaf pickings.

Radishes ready for eating. This is my favourite variety - French Breakfast.

The three remaining fennel seedlings have been well protected. I sowed about 100 seeds.The others all got eaten.

Wire column potatoes ready for some more soil.

Gifted tomatoes have flowers. They are way ahead of my self sown ones.

Basil seedlings (and weeds) coming up.

Cucumber seedlings have been planted out using my preferred method.

I should buy shares in a snail bait company, given how much I use. But it is effective!

Onion beds starting to look like there will be a decent harvest.

I have high hopes for some massive onions.

More raspberries than I can eat! I will attempt to get some into the freezer this year.

Strawbs have slowed a little with the cooler weather, but still cropping well.

Where have my pears gone?

There they are. Damn, no pears this year after all.

Parsnip going to seed.

Celery also.

Bean beds are coming along well.

I think this is the earliest I've ever had beans ready for eating.

And lastly, a pretty onion flower head.


  1. Lovely tour of your damp garden. Can you send any excess rain to me? I really need rain.

    Love to see the ducks enjoying the snails. When I was much younger and still living at home we had ducks - big Muscovies - and I still remember their delight in them and that crunch of shell in their beaks!

    1. I am more than happy to send you some rain! Every time I went out on the weekend it would start drizzling. I think the clouds waited until the door opened then decided to start.

      The duck do love the snails, but sometimes the do and sometimes they don't eat them whole. I can't see any rhyme or reason why so far...

  2. oh how I wish I could borrow your ducks! so many snails in my garden!

    1. They are good snail disposers, but I dare not let them out into the garden to search for the snails themselves as I fear they'll eat all my plants! So I bring the snails to them whenever I find them.

  3. There are a lot of slugs and snails around this year aren't there. They have decimated my capsicum and chilli seedlings. Very annoying!

    1. It's almost a plague! Copious amounts of snail bait is the only reason I have any seedlings. The go into my greenhouse too so I've had to do re-sowings of capsicums, cucumbers and eggplants myself so I feel your pain!

  4. thank you for a lovely (if soggy) walk around your garden! nice to meet someone else who is liberal with the snail bait (you must try the 'lentil' style - very very effective). i don't have ducks so my form of revenge is crunching them beneath my blundie. very satisfying.

    1. My pleasure! I shall immediately google the 'lentil' snail bait - I'm intrigued. I also confess to crunching snails if I'm too lazy to take them to the duck pen. It's a slightly guilty (poor snail) but good feeling (now my plants have better survival chances).

  5. I want your backyard. Minus the snails.

    1. Thanks!! Unfortunately, snails come with. :)