Little baby quacker...

17 November, 2013

I have a duckling!!!!

Yes, at this stage just one.

Early one morning this week I was woken up by Heston my duck quacking loudly. I was not impressed, and I'm guessing any neighbours who heard the godforsaken noise she was making were likewise thinking murderous thoughts. After getting up and heading outside to feed the cats and ducks, this is what I saw:

Of couse I forgave her instantly.

It must have been pretty cold only just being introduced to the world.

Heston was still interested in breakfast though. Little one tagged along but was a bit confused.

Now you may recall my first posting when Heston started sitting on her eggs that there were 9 eggs to start with. They have slowly dwindled over the past few weeks to only 3. Then late last week I came to feed them and one egg had been rolled out of the nest and stepped on. I could see the little formed duckling inside. Such a sad sight.

But not all is lost. There is still one egg.

I don't know if it will hatch as its been 4 days since the little one appeared. But it took a while for Heston to get a store of eggs, so it could conceivably be a week older than its sibling, so maybe is still good. Heston is still sitting on it, so I'm going to give it another week and see what happens.

But for now, I can't stop taking photos. The duckling is just so cute!


  1. What breed of duck is Heston?? She's adorable.

    1. My ducks are Welsh Harlequins and are absolutetly beautiful with their blue wing tips. The boy ducks have darker plumage and and an amazing green sheen to their heads.

  2. Very cute! What do you think happened to all the other eggs?? I don't know about ducks- but with chooks the babies don't start to grow inside the fertilised egg until mums collected enough and sat down to get them warmed up and started- at that point shes stopped laying any more. That means they all hatch out within a day or so of each other.

    1. With the other eggs I'm not entirely sure. Some I found out of the nest and cracked open, and I don't know if they were pushed or stolen... but I didn't see all 6 so I really can't say.
      Thanks for reminding me - the incubation starting with the duck sitting on the eggs and the temp increasing is what happens with duck eggs too, and I have no idea why I forgot this. Hmmm, I shall give it another day or so, then if nothing I shall remove the last egg.

  3. How lovely! It's so exciting to have new life in your patch isn't it? I hope you get another hatching. I'm going to look thru your photos again and again. They make me smile.

    1. It is very exciting! I had friends over on the weekend and they were all cooing over the duckling. Baby animals are just so adorable!