Harvest Monday...

11 November, 2013

Joining the Daphne's Dandelion bandwagon today we have a varied harvest of late autumn/winter crops and early spring/summer crops.

Some (only slightly bug eaten) perpetual spinach, red russian kale and the first of the raspberries.

A big basketful of parsley for taboulleh. There is mint in there too somewhere.

Almost not-worth-picking artichokes and the first broad beans.

More berries - strawbs and a few more raspberries.

Lemons, lemons, lemons. Must make lemon cordial and some more preserved lemons.

A sprouting broccoli of some kind. (The label is gone, if there ever was one. I am getting very lazy about labelling things in the garden now. My bad.) I forgot to photo this as it got into the kitchen so here is a pic of the pre-harvest plant.

The garlic harvest.

And even more berries. These mostly got given away to family as even my voracious appetite for these little red delights can't keep up with this.

(The raspberries were all mine though!)

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  1. Too many berries - oh what a wonderful idea. Although I know some small people who would regard that as more a challenge than a statement of fact. They all look perfect. How do you keep the slugs and snails at bay?

    1. They are very far from all perfect, let me tell you. I throw the worst of the bug eaten out from under the net into the garden beds hoping the birds eat those (and the bugs). And I squish grubs and slugs on sight, or feed them to the ducks. I don't tend to find snails eat the strawbs, they're more likely to go for cucubit seedlings at the moment so they are planted out with a heap of snail pellets.

  2. Wow, fabulous berries. I am only picking a handful every second day - not enough. And I have 5 raspberry plants that haven't flowered yet... maybe next year I will have too many berries!

    1. Just give it time... maybe your raspberry plants will flower for autumn, too. So you might not even have to wait that long. Good luck!