Wire column potatoes...

20 October, 2013

During a recent pantry inventory I found that some bought potatoes had decided that I had taken way to long to use them and they were going to revolt and make an attempt to grow.

Who am I to deny a plant the right to life?

So I  decided this would be a great opportunity to re-trial a method of growing potatoes I've previously had fail. This way I also won't be greatly disappointed if it doesn't work, as I won't have used any bought seed potatoes and wasted them.

This method is one of the ways you can grow potatoes in an upward manner, continually heaping them with additional soil and making the plants grow taller and taller, with in theory more potatoes growing along the lengthened stems and increasing yield.

I previously tried this last year, but the budding plants got eaten. Epic fail! Hopefully results will be better this year.

The strategy goes like this:

Find sunny part of garden. Hammer in some star pickets (or other support method) for your wire columns.

Find some lengths of wire lattice (or plastic, or whatever) and attach these at one side to your support.

Don't attach both sides, as then trying to bend down over the wire sides to get to the bottom is really awkward and annoying.

Then use some newspapers to line your wire column at the bottom. This both stops soil falling out and provides some barrier to prevent moisture loss, so you want it to be thick.

Add potatoes.

Close the wire column by attaching the other end to the star picket and top up the soil to cover the potatoes.

There it is.

As the potatoes grow I will be adding more newspaper barrier and soil and hopefully there will be lots of potatoes growing up inside.


  1. I have tried this in pots before, and not had it work well at all, so watching your experiment with interest!

    1. I have never tried pots myself. Another time, another trial...

  2. Can't wait to see the results of your experiment. It may be a growing method I try. Good luck with it!

    1. I shall ensure I update regularly. Cheers!

  3. Yeay to Jones potatoes! I have grown all my potatoes from Jones potatoes I left to long in the cupboard (their pink fir are my favourite I will add). I have seen that method used in one of the front garden veggie patches down the street....I am guessing with the dry wind the way its been the biggest challenge will be moisture! Will watch with interest to see how it goes. I have just been growing mine in planters (and some old fashioned tyres- but I am finding it hard to find concrete info as to whether using tyres is safe or not)

    1. Jones' potatoes are so good I've not yet had any go beyond eating state, but am looking forward to seeing if they produce. I think you're right, moisture will be an issue. But we shall see. I also grow potatoes in tyres, but confess I haven't really looked much into the safety issue. I would be interested to hear what you have read on the matter.