I love this greenhouse...

31 October, 2013

A few weeks back I set up my mini greenhouse (bought on a whim back in the darkest depths of winter when summer crops were only wishful thinking) and sowed many summer crops. At the same time I also sowed some of the same crops, like zucchini and cucumbers, directly outside. 

The greenhouse is kicking it, while the outside sown seeds have yet to make an appearance. Hence I love this greenhouse, and wish I had one much earlier!
Some eggplants are up...

... but some not.

Some are getting eaten (see in left tub). Not sure what is doing this damage. Can anyone diagnose?

Cucumbers are going great guns though.

Likewise the squashes.

My tomatoes for passata.

Peppers and capsicums are up.

Though I had to look closely for these ones.

Go zucchini's!

And the first time I'm growing this one. The name just sounded so interesting.


  1. Your seedlings look great. This is why I love reading blogs from AU. We're just entering winter in Canada and it will be several long months before I start gardening here.

    1. I know what you mean! I loved reading northern hemisphere blogs when it was dark and wintery here. (I feel bad saying that to you when our idea of winter is around 5 degrees celcius - pitiful I know.) So now its our turn ;)

  2. Oh, I want a greenhouse. it's the only way I can ever imagine getting tomatoes for Christmas here in cold Tas. Actually, I want a glasshouse, and I keep showing my lovely husband pictures of really pretty ones in English garden magazines... would make such a good Christmas present, no?

    1. Well I highly recommend even the small crappy plastic one such as I have, as results have been suprisingly good. Yes, I would totally also love a glasshouse - they are so beautiful, and I even looked at some small ones, but I have no space left sadly, and I think things would cook here in summer. I like your xmas present hintings... surely they will be fruitful. I would also be extolling the virtues of the produce that he of course would have a fair share of - nothing like self interest to prompt the present giver ;)