Harvest Monday...

28 October, 2013

Yay for Harvest Monday. Thanks to Daphne for starting the tradition of worldwide gardeners sharing their harvests.

Now that I am no longer doing my monthly veg challenge updates, I need an outlet for all the photos I take of my veg harvests. So here it is.

Some asparagus spears and a tiny, tiny cauliflower.

(Also my Aperge knife, which was a souvenir from the BEST lunch I have ever had in my life. Aperge is the restaurant of Alain Passard, who in the early naughties shocked the fine dining world by announcing he was bored of cooking meat and was getting into cooking vegetables. He has his own gardens outside Paris which supply part of the veg for the restaurant. So I feel it is apt that my Aperge knife has become my gardening knife.)

A big bunch of red Russian kale.

A few parsnips, only the front one being decent looking. All the others in the back there are forked and twisted, but still tasted lovely.

And joy of joys, the strawberries are coming in.

Don't forget to head to Daphne's to see what others are picking.


  1. Love the knife! You need a garden knife - mine is an old wooden handled bread knife and it fits beautifully in my hand. I LOVE your strawberry glut! How many plants do you have? I am growing strawberries for the first time and while they are tasty the crop is meagre.

    1. I love the idea of a gardening knife (or other implement for that matter) that just molds to your hand. The strawberry glut is just beginning... I'd say I have somewhere around 150-200 plants (but that's a rough guess). They all came from 20 that I bought maybe 4 years ago (they were one of the first plants that went into the garden) and they have multiplied many times since. I now have two main strawberry areas both around 5m square, one which gets more sun and crops much earlier, and the other which has more shade and crops later. They do need to be netted as otherwise the birds will get them all.

  2. Your strawberry crops looks sensational (as does your knife - love the backstory).

    1. Cheers! May this be only the beginning of the strawb crops...