Catching up on growing...

11 October, 2013

Having only been back from my holiday for a week now, I feel I am definitely behind the planting times.

So I am using all tools at my disposal to hurry along the growing of my summer crops, and my newest tool in the arsenal is my new greenhouse.

I bought this large-ish greenhouse from the big-green-shed-store-which-shall-remain-nameless before I went on holiday. I mostly bought it because it was on sale. 

On the advice of Cat I have loaded up the bottom layer with bricks to keep it stable. Hopefully there will be no seedling disasters with the excessive winds we've been having across Melbourne lately.

I have planted up my cucumber, capsicum, pepper and zucchini seeds.  

Hopefully they will like the new digs and grow very, very quickly. 

I am also thinking I can use it to extend the season by moving it to my raised beds and covering the grown toms when the weather starts to cool in autumn. Given it is a crappy cheap one I have no idea how long it will last.

Do you use your greenhouse for anything other than raising seedlings?


  1. I'm so far behind in my planting I haven't put a seed in the ground as yet. I went to the big green shed yesterday and bought tomato and chilli seedlings. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to sow some seeds.

    1. I managed to catch up a bit yesterday and direct sow some seeds outside in the yard, but already growing seedlings are so tempting. I hope you had the time to sow your seeds.