A sitting duck...

23 October, 2013

It would seem that there may be ducklings heading my way.

While I was away my housesitter and friendly duck feeder had reported that for a few days duck eggs were hard to find. Eventually she would happen upon the stash, they would be collected and that was that. But since I've been back the same thing would happen to me. For a few days I didn't search too hard, and now it appears there will be no eggs for a while now. She has been sitting for about a week now and is being a very good protective mama and not letting anyone or anything near her egg stash.

Heston is sitting on her eggs. When she gets off to drink or eat I can see about 9 eggs in her little nest. Now my interwebs research says that duck eggs take about a month to incubate, so in three weeks or so we will see if we have little ducklings.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them should I there be a decent survival rate. I don't really want more ducks, so I'm thinking selling them will be the go. But if I can't sell them then they may go the way of the other three ducks no longer with us. I expect this will be more difficult having raised them from ducklings, but at the end of the day this is what you need to be prepared for if you keep livestock.

But until then there is the anticipation of little baby quackers. Exciting times.


  1. And she's feathered her next too! I didn't know you had a drake?

    1. Turns out my two ducks and a drake are actually two drakes and a duck!! Such an amateur mistake! So yes, there is a good chance there are fertilised eggs in there (the ducks do get up to naughty things).

    2. Yay! More ducks, more duck dinners.