Loire valley veg garden inspiration #5...

22 September, 2013

Well, they do say save the best 'til last. And here is the big daddy of veg gardens...


Villandry has a nine bed formal garden of interplanted veg and ornamentals, which apparently dates back to the middle ages. Check out the website for a great aerial shot which really shows the layout.

This was the best I could do. The remaining three beds on the right are blocked by the house. Sorry.

This sign gives a good run down of they layout though.

Each bed had its own sign and detailed layout. Here are some of my favourites.

I'm amazed how neat these pumpkins are.

I'm not sure if I prefer ornamental cabbages or real ones. 

I love the diagonal layout of this one.

I like how there is an empty bed waiting for new planting.

I love the kale and black capsicums against the red flowers.


  1. Wow! It is extraordinary! Can you imagine how long it takes to prune the boarders to keep them looking so perfect?

    1. Yes, truly amazing. Apparently they have 10, yes 10, full time gardeners who only work on the veg garden. That's how long it takes to keep those borders so crisp. I would have the patience frankly.