Loire valley veg garden inspiration #4...

18 September, 2013

As I travel around the Loire Valley and profile the various veg gardens I come across, mostly I'm checking out general veg gardens with a range of garden veg growing.

Not so this one. This is the garden of the Chateau de la Bourdaisier.

Here they specialise in tomatoes. They grow 640 odd varieties of them in the massive walled garden. And I thought my paltry 50 tomato varieties was excessive. Tis nothing.

Sadly I couldn't take photos of all 640. But I did take a lot and here is a small selection.

The tomatoes are grown in a variety of methods.

Most were grown up tripods like this.

Some were grown up straight poles.

There were some standout varieties for me.

Never see this one in Australia.

This one was massive. It's name is Jaune A Farcir.

Name is self explanatory. I love the shape and colour.

I love how this one lives up to its name. Didn't see many toms though.

And lastly, a little taste of what they do with all the produce.


  1. Wow, I did not realise there were 640 different toms in existence. You are doing quite the vegie study tour there!

  2. Neither did I! What can I say, I'm a veg plant nerd :)