Loire valley veg garden inspiration #3...

16 September, 2013

In this informal and utterly incomplete review of veg gardens in the Loire Valley of France I came across one that was unexpected. The veg garden at Clos Luce.

Clos Luce was, among other things over its history, the last home of Leonardo Da Vinci. The chateau was offered to him as a home, along with a pension, by the french king Francis I and it was here that he finished some of his most well known paintings here, including the infamous Mona Lisa (which I fully intend to see for myself later on in my trip when I'm in Paris). It now is a museum mostly focused on his works as an inventor, with the gardens scattered with replicas of his inventions. It is fascinating.

But, as I discovered on my visit, it also includes a vegetable garden.

Turns out Leonardo Da Vinci was also a botanist. I had no idea.

I really liked the feel of this garden. It had a really homey feel, almost like there was someone living in the chateau and this was their main vegetable food source.

Yet another rustic arbour. I like this one too.

I can't see any sort of planting system here. It all looks a bit mixed, but I love the mayhem.

I like the raised beds in raised beds.

What a cool chicken house.

And for those out there who are interested in the inventions, here are my favourites.
The helicopter. Plus peacock.

One of many bridge designs (some were early suspension bridges. Amazing.)

A tank and cannon. Out of sight is the machine gun.

Hard to see, but this one draws up water. It works too!


  1. What stunning gardens you are visiting, you are right they are inspirational. I have a garden in my memory bank that I saw in a Tibetan village way up high in the mountains. It was a walled garden like these, to keep out the fierce weather and it was abundant with fruit trees and veg and flowers and it was magnificent.

    1. That sounds amazing! It's funny how things like those stick in your mind. I hope I remember these gardens the same way.

  2. I love the willow bean climbers. What a fabulous place to visit.

    1. Yes, I love them too. I can't disagree, it has been fabulous