Loire valley veg garden inspiration #2...

15 September, 2013

As you will be aware from my last post I'm currently cycling my way along the Loire a Velo cycling track in the gorgeous Loire Valley of France. This is an area filled with chateaux galore, many of which have some pretty amazing gardens. But the ones I've prioritised visiting (as you must do; there are hundreds of chateaux in this region) are the ones with veg gardens, which I shall be profiling for your reading pleasure.

Witness exhibit 2: Cheverny.

The veg garden here was much more relaxed than that at Chaumont, but charmingly so. There was still the geometric garden bed layout of traditional gardens (apparently this had historical links to monastery veg patches) with edges of box hedging, but with intermingled veg and flowers which is right up my alley.


  1. Oh boy I am beyond jealous! The gardens are quite fantastic. Thank you so much for showing them

    1. Not a problem. I hope they inspire others as much as they have inspired me.