Loire valley veg garden inspiration #1...

14 September, 2013

As I cycle along the Loire a Velo track I plan to stop off at many various chateaus and gardens, many of which have been selected for some fruit and veg growing aspects.

Witness exhibit 1: The veg garden at Chaumont. 

Lots of neat raised beds of varying sizes.

I like this simple but interesting support. How to  copy this at home?...


Grape arbour.

Luckily, while I was there they were also hosting a garden festival, so I poked my head around the exhibition gardens too. These were the things that stood out:

A straw bale potager.

Of course, the French love their wines...

A garden of scents. Not an idea I plan to copy but I love it's originality.


  1. Now that's a European tour I could get behind - the vegie garden tour. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    That arbour with the pumpkin growing up it? I am going to try something like that in the school vegie garden, with a cheapie Bunnings archway that someone donated. My plan is for it to span two raised vegie beds.

    1. Yes, I reckon there's a market for it. I think I'll be trying something similar too, but will need to buy some bendable large square metal lattice. The cheapie archways I have used, and they need to be well tied to stakes (I use star pickets) as they're pretty flimsy, and they rust and break pretty quick. But freebies are always good.

  2. I love that arbour with the wooden path through it. How easy would that be to do? (Even I could do it!!!)

    1. I'm sure that comment is no reflection of your intelligence and skills. But I reckon it would be pretty easy too. And I like how rustic it is, rather than smoothly cut wood and perfect right angles. It looks like it wants things to grow up it.