Garden - pre-holiday...

22 August, 2013

As I have previously posted, I'm off for the next five weeks touring about Europe. I'll be travelling around Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and France, including the main touristy sights and a few biking travels (slightly) off the beaten path. Thanks to all those who have wished me well on my travels; I can't wait and am sure it will be fabulous.

Of course, being a lover of gardening I've planned my trip around seeing some gardens, particularly in France, so I will likely blog along the way when I come across anything garden related.

But before I left I thought it would be nice to see the garden now, and then compare it to the garden when I get back in early October.

Back garden, still in early morning shade.

In the far right of the above pic you can just see the Magnolia. I love this tree and am so glad it flowered before I left, as it would have been really disappointing to have missed it. It's blooms are so beautiful.

Other side of back garden. (There are 4 apple trees in there - can you spot them?)

Moving to the front yard.

Front yard view from the other side.

Raised veg patch - still a bit happening.

In the raised veg patch I've planted my tomato seedlings. They are in the first two beds in the picture. In the first bed they are protected by the assorted plastic bottle mini-greenhouses you see, and in the second the garden fleece is their protection. I have no idea if this will be successful. It's a bit of a gamble. They seem to have survived the last few days, so fingers crossed.

View from under the fleece.

Beyond that are peas growing great guns, then the second last bed has parsnips, and the last bed out of sight has lots of celery. The bed along the fence has carrots and beetroots that I've been picking over winter.

Self sown lettuces coming up. Who knows what else will volunteer while I'm away.
And lastly, here is the orchard where most of my apple trees are. They're difficult to see, but each stick is one apple tree, which are grown as cordon espaliers. I will blog in more detail about this when I'm back, hopefully with some better photos so you can actually see the trees.

Also along the left is a peach and a nectarine tree which are flowering. The tyres are where my potatoes are planted. Please ignore the roof tiles scattered around - they were the bed edging before I put in the wood sleepers and I've yet to put them away. They are a low priority.

The orchard, looking a bit sparse.

So that's the garden right now. Lets see what its like in October.


  1. Aha, there are the apples. That is BRILLIANT. Did you just plant them this winter? I can't wait to see them in the summer. You will have apple hedges. That is very cool.

    1. They are great! They are called 'step-over' apples in that they are grown as a single stem short enough to step over. They were planted last winter and I have high hopes for a crop this coming year as they look like they might have flowering spurs. Yay!

  2. Thanks for sharing pics of your garden.... wow! your orchard is certainly very compact- just goes to show you don't need a paddock- (although sun helps)- Good luck on your travels.... I am off overseas for a month as well.... hopefully my garden will be in good hands when I am away.....and hopefully we will get some rain. (my tomatoes from your seeds will be babysat off site with my partners mum- she has a sunny courtyard for them)

  3. Yes it is most definitely compact! I would have loved to fit in more but I think I've over-crammed as it is:) Have a wonderful holiday, and I'm sure your toms will love the courtyard. A perfect place to raise tomatoes!