Seed swamped...

09 July, 2013

This cold and dreary Melbourne evening saw me break out my seed boxes and huddle around the only warm part of the house, the heater, while I took account of my sad and excessive collection of seeds.

Yes, my name is Bek and I am a seed-oholic.

This is how I ended up with 49 varieties of tomatoes. Yes, really. 49 varieties!!! You wouldn't think that innocent looking pile of seed packages would harbour so many, but it does.

How about 9 varieties of green and climbing beans alone.

Or 12 varieties of watermelon and 7 of honeydew/rockmelon.

Madness! I'm never going to use this many. I tried giving some away to work colleagues and friends but they've barely made a dent. I can barely fit them all in my seed boxes.

Some have got to go!

Hence I am proposing a seed giveaway bonanza. If anyone would like me to send them some tomato, squash, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, pepper, bean, pumpkin or melon seeds to get them off my hands (within quarantine restrictions of course!) please email me at rsstie [at] gmail [dot] com and I will send you my variety list so you can take your pick.

Please. Help me.


  1. I thought I was bad! Thank goodness someone is more addicted to seed packets than myself, phew!

    Thanks to the lovely Yvonne, I have a fantastic collection of tomato seeds this year to try, but I can see that I will be emailing you re a selection of your other stash. Thanks for the offer, happy seed sowing.

    1. Damn, and I have such an overcollection of tomato seeds... ah well, hopefully some of the others will take your fancy.