Rechallenge update #8...

02 July, 2013

With only three months left of the 2012/13 challenge to grow at least 80% of my own fruit and veg things seem to be continuing along nicely.

I've always felt that growing most of my produce seems harder in the winter months, but that doesn't really stack up when the numbers get crunched or when I get out into the garden to pick some produce.

June has seen the garden produce exactly 80% of my fruit and veg requirements. Yay garden!

Produce has included: (veg) kale, beetroot, spring onions, lettuce, artichoke stems, carrots, peas, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach, (herbs) parsley, sage, chives, and (fruit) lots of rhubarb. 

Bought produce has been (veg) celery, onions and potatoes as well as (fruit) mandarins, oranges and apples - for apple and rhubarb crumble of course!

Hopefully in future years the mandarins, oranges and apples will be from the garden also. Just need the trees to get big enough to start producing. On the veg front hopefully this coming onion crop will last me through next years winter months, and maybe I'll get around to growing some potatoes for storage too. I've always been pretty crap at growing celery so I'm not making any bets on celery self-sufficiency.

How are your mid-winter crops going? And what are you buying that you could grow next year?


  1. I didn't think that I was any good at growing celery either, but then I left it alone for 2 seasons and it took off! I was making celery EVERYTHING for a while!

    1. Well, I have celery in the garden now so maybe I can just ignore it for 6 months and then crop masses of the stuff. I'm happy to give the strategy a go!

  2. Yams, nearly-broccoli, warrigul greens and a million lemons here. I would like to get my succession planting sorted so I have lettuce, silverbeet and kale ready next winter, and some earlier broccoli. I divided my rhubarb last month, so have none yet, but you have enough rhubarb to last for months! Well done on the winter veg tally.

    1. Ah yes, lemons - I always seem to forget them. Lettuce is a tricky one for growing consistently from seed I find - most of mine right now is from seedlings bought from the big green box garden center.