Morning meander...

21 July, 2013

Here's a quick update on what's happening in my garden in winter. It is a gorgeous morning of wintery sunshine here in Melbourne, and given yesterday and much of last week consisted of dreary grey rainy days the morning sun was an absolute delight.

Bunching onions coming along

Regular seed onions coming up - I'll thin them when they get to spring onion size

Violets coming up - maybe I should make more sugared violets...

So many lemons. Mmmmm, lemon curd...

Something is eating the lettuce and celeriac. Rabbits maybe?

Bluebells coming up. Not edible, but pretty.

Many, many beetroots.

No more brocolli heads left, only side shoots.

These will need to be harvested soon. I will need cabbage recipes. Suggestions, anyone?

A tiny cauli. Maybe enough for cauliflower soup for one.

Potato plants self sprouting. Let's hope these are more productive than last years' volunteer potatoes.

Parsnips almost at picking stage.

Peas starting to flower, but needing some training.

Popcorn looking ready to pull down and harvest the cobs.

This one is a blue variety. I have no idea what the popped corn will look like. Stay tuned.

What's this? Self sown onions in the corn bed.

Scorzonera (planted in spring last year) is developing well.

Digging a little more deeply, the root looks about 1cm thick. Will leave it for a bit longer to get bigger.

And lastly, a late sown tomato plant is still holding in there.

And its starting to flower! I'm not confident I'll get toms, but what the heck.


  1. Great tour! And such a variety of produce including that cold tomato! I like a savoy cabbage, love it best when stir fried with bacon and spring onion and garlic and soy sauce and chilli.

    1. Cheers! The cold tomato is looking very sad now, even though the weather isn't any colder. Yum - that sounds great! Will definitely give that a go!

  2. So many delicious garden things! In our house we use crunchy raw cabbage instead of lettuce in most salads, and all tacos/burritos. But my favourite cabbage recipe is this one:

    (ps thanks so much for the seeds! I'm popping something in the mail as a small thank you)

    1. I love those, but have never thought to make my own at home. Thanks for the awesome idea and recipe!
      ps - no problem. I hope they grow well!

  3. Wow what lovely light in your garden. I am intrigued about the popcorn.

    1. I am too - haven't gotten around to popping them yet but will be sure to blog when I do!

  4. Ooohh... are those savoy cabbages? My favourites but so hard to come by in the organic version.
    I'd shred (about 2cm) a quater head, throw onto butter/olive oil mix, sprinkle with salt, pepper and caraway seeds and stir-fry on medium/high heat for a couple of minutes until it collapses. Serve with yoghurt or sour cream on top. Yum!

    1. Yes they are! I like the sound of that recipe! So many delicious uses for cabbage I had never thought of... I love it!

  5. My suggestion for cabbages- as mentioned above- 'Okonomiyaki'-
    The traditional Japanese recipe has cabbage and spring onion.... but I add carrot matchsticks and corn kernels... (believe it or not corn gets put in lots of things in Japan- pizza, pasta) so I thought I would add it to the okonomiyaki. I top with a slice of bacon (in Japan its a thinly sliced slither of pork). I can't wait for my cabbages to get their act together- will help me get through the eggs.

    1. I am definitely doing them now! The bacon just makes it sound better! (as bacon does to all things...)