Fort Ducks...

16 July, 2013

Over the weekend I finally completed the fox proofing of the duck enclosure.

And in the grand tradition of pun names (I just love Cluckingham Palace - thanks for the laughs Gavin!) I am calling mine Fort Ducks!

Hahahahaha. I am so funny... anyway, moving on.

Earlier in the year when I first got my ducks the pen looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

And from another angle:

The pen is now fully enclosed with wire. No fox is going to get through that! (touch wood)

The two sides that are the fence and garage wall have the wire firmly attached into the wall and fence with no gaps for even a wiley fox to fit through.

The wire on the two non-wall sides is buried into the ground and covered with bluestones one one side and bricks/rocks on the other. There is no way foxes can bury under that.

Bonus: I've had extra space to plant things that climb, so I have planted two passionfruits (a banana passionfruit and a standard black passionfruit - both non-grafted so I won't have to worry about rootstock shoots coming up all over the place like with my grafted one) as well as putting a row of golden raspberries along the bluestone side. Yay.

The door is also wired, and has two hook closes which are closed by a peg which is also tucked into the wire on the post, making it a tight fit. Even I have some trouble pulling them out, so I think Mr Fox will struggle.

There is also bricks and garden edging under the door to be doubly sure no fox can bury under the door.

 All in all the ducks can feel as safe as I can make them from marauding foxes.

Despite all the new and improved high tech security features, they seem just as happy as when they were a little more exposed.

The win is all for me, as now I don't have to lock them into their house every night. I don't have to stress out thinking that if I'm home late I may come back to a scene of carnage. And best of all, when I go away later in the year the kind people who are going to feed my ducks for me won't need to worry about them either!


  1. I loved the door - very nice! And a great bonus to have more climbing space. The passionfruit will give your ladies some shade!

    1. Thanks, the door was a salvage job which turned out quite well.

  2. Phew! Good to see you are thinking of foxes! A colleague of mine recently moved her chooks and 2 Indian runner ducks to a new house- within months she's had a visit from Mr Fox! Thankfully he couldn't get to the ducks as hey were smart enough to huddle in the centre of the enclosure away from the fence and sound an alarm. Unfortunately the silly chooks weren't so smart- and one of them was bitten through the wire- amazingly a trip to the vet and some antibiotics and the elderly chook survived!

    1. Good to hear the chicken came out ok. My grandmother had a couple of chooks taken by foxes a year or so back, so I've been very conscious of protecting the ducks.

  3. Nice work. I will watch the progress of your passionfruit with interest - I would love to plant a non grafted one - the suckers are just too vigorous on the grafted ones.

    1. I will be sure to blog on how they go. I've always been intrigued by banana passionfruit so can't wait to see what they're like. But the other passionfruit I have took 3 years to fruit, so I'm not holding my breath!

  4. Very nice indeed I hope the quackers don't like passionfruit