Duck egg vs. chicken egg - the taste off...

07 July, 2013

Today was the day. An epic battle of taste preferences and subjective assessment of eggy deliciousness. I would finally find out if getting ducks and keeping them for six months, feeding them and housing them, cleaning out their stinky bedding and dirty duck pond water, was worth it.

To have a true comparison I decided to compare one of my free range, fresh duck eggs to one of my grandmothers' free range, fresh chicken eggs.

Both eggs were four days old to make the comparison as fair as possible.

The duck egg (on the left) is clearly a bit more firmly holding together.

The taste off would be my favourite egg dish, eggs florentine. Eggs, fresh bread, spinach and that thing of amazing buttery goodness: hollendaise sauce.

Both eggs were poached until they felt cooked. I go by feel with poached eggs, they should feel a bit soft in the middle, but firm around the edges.

The duck egg (still on the left) took a little less time to cook, but felt much firmer in the white part. This was living up to the reputation of duck eggs as having a firmer white than chicken eggs, and therefore being better for mirangues and sponges (that will be another taste off...)

Put with fresh baguette, spinach from the garden and hollendaise from the thermomix it looked great.

But were the eggs poached well? Had I ruined the taste off with bad cooking???


On tasting the duck egg did have a much firmer white, which I don't think was very pleasant in the poached form, being slightly rubbery. Perhaps another few days will make a better duck egg for poaching. The taste of the white though was comparable to chicken eggs; I discerned no difference. The taste difference was all in the yolks, which was much richer than chicken eggs, but not unpleasantly so. It just tasted different; I wouldn't say better or worse, just different.

So overall, I would call it a tie. Certainly the duck eggs have lived up to the work involved so far. Some further eggs florentine making will need to occur to see if I can get a less tough egg white (it's a cruel world...) but the next test will be either mirangues or sponge.

But before I can do that I need the dear ducks to lay a few more eggs...


  1. This is fab Bek. Can I first congratulate you on great poaching! I like the ooze of an egg in the morning.

    I am probably going to stick with chookies. I like ducks very much but I find them much messier than chookies to keep. I had the comparative experience as a young lass.

    Keep poaching!

    1. Cheers! Having kept the ducks and seen what work keeping chickens is for my grandmother I think in all honesty I would probably go with chickens myself, if I didn't have an endless supply of chicken eggs to tap into. Also chickens are quieter I think, but only just.

  2. We kept chickens, and we also had years of eating our landlady's duck eggs, which we loved. I didn't ever compare them so closely, so I find this a worthy project to read about. I hadn't heard about the duck egg white being firmer. Thanks for sharing your findings!

    1. Cheers. Stay tuned for the egg bake off...