Morning meander...

25 April, 2013

Dew on baby capsicums

The solo passionfruit is still here

Strawberries keep coming along. They're not as tasty as summer ones, but still nice to have.

Rhubarb going to seed. I don't bother removing them and the plants don't seem to suffer too much.

Eggplant growing very slowly. It feels like this one has been the same size for weeks.

Lilly pillies.

Pea seedlings coming up.

The mosquito net has been removed from the brassica bed.

I love how water droplets form on brassica leaves.

Red cabbages, with the morning sun showing their true colours.

Self sown peas already have pods of eating size.
Late sown eggplants are not coping well with the cold. I might try some fleece protection and see if that helps.

Zucchini succumbing to powdery mildew.

Zucchini's are still forming though. Not time to pull the plant out just yet.

This zucchini also had mildew, but I cut all its leaves back. It hasn't recovered. This one is for the compost.

Chillies are forming fruits. Who knows if they will properly ripen.

The tiny, tiny Tigger rockmelons. Also doubtful if these will ripen.

Only one artichoke plant is forming fruits. You go plant!

Garlic starting to come up.

Climbing beans are producing nicely dried pods for seed saving.

Also forming are lots of new beans. Looks like the plants are staging a last minute reproductive effort. Pity I will pick all these for fresh beans.

Late sown corn is forming cobs.

I'm hopeful of a decent crop from these.


  1. Lovely to see your garden. Do you do anything with your Lilli Pillies? Jam or eat them raw or...

    Your brassicas seem much more advanced than mine. Mine have plenty of manure so I am hoping for them to jump out of the ground.

    Water on brassicas IS beautiful.

    1. I vaguely remember my mum making lilly pilly jam once, but it wasn't much reward for the effort. Though I was reading one of my Jackie French books the other night and it had a recipe for lilly pilly cordial that I might try.
      These brassicas were sown in Jan, which is the earlies I've sown seed before and they've done really well. Must remember to do this in Jan in future!

  2. Oooh, your garden has so much going on in it. And your summer vegies are holding out well. I am very late planting my winter veg such as broad beans and spinach. Today's job..

    1. Cheers. I haven't even planted out broad beans yet - must add to the list! There are always jobs for the garden, it never ends...

  3. I've not seen a rhubarb plant in flower before. How pretty they are!

    1. They are pretty spectacular. They have a nice scent too, I'm not sure how to describe it though.