Not quite enough for a smoothie...

04 January, 2013

Here is the 2013 blueberry haul.

That there is a 450% increased crop compared to last year.

They are looking a bit shriveled due to the heat (43 degrees in Melbourne today - insane!) but were very tasty.

I hope all you gardeners out there in Aus are managing ok with this crazy heatwave. But for now I hope you have a cool drink and an air conditioner (I have the former but not the latter. Fans don't quite cut it in these temps. Ah well. Someday soon, hopefully.)


  1. Horribly, horribly hot everywhere. Stay as cool as you can and lets hope the fires stay away.

    1. Absolutely. But luckily we got a cool change last night. May the fires be controlled and not threaten property or lives.