Does this count as gleaning?...

30 December, 2012

Louise at Garden Glut has been blogging about gleaning fruits from the roadside. As (unfortunately) around the suburban area where I live there are no roadside fruit trees weighed down with fruit and waiting to be harvested, I had resigned myself to not being able to follow her lead however much I love both taking advantage of what nature offers and putting good food on the table or in the cupboard for little (dollar) cost.

But then this morning at the supermarket I came across these.

Two massive bags of cherries marked down to $3.00 each, which ended up being just over 6kg of cherries. What a bargain.

So I decided to do a little preserving. I love canned cherries and have wonderful memories of eating these when I was little at my grandmothers house. We would have bowls of bulla ice-cream with the canned cherries on top and the juice poured over which ran into the rivets in the ice-cream and formed little cherry juice icicles of delight. Homemade canned cherries here I come.

So I washed and sorted the cherries. Only a few weren't worthy of being bottled, while everything to be preserved was put into the collanders ready for de-pipping.

Once the cherries were de-pipped they went into my large preserving saucepan, just covered with water and brought to the boil, then immediately taken off the heat.

I want them softened, so that I can pack them down into the jars, but not so soft they become mush. Specially as they will get heated further in the preserving.

I then filled my mason jars (I find them the best for preserving - so easy to use and so pretty).

I then added sugar and lemon juice to the remaining cherry juices and heated it until the sugar was dissolved. This was then poured over the cherries, leaving about a 1cm headspace, and then the lids put on.

Then out came the Fowlers Vacola unit.

I love how 70s and kitsch it is. It was my mums, but she never preserves anything anymore. So I borrowed it and have not given it back. Heaven forbid she decides to start preserving again!

Everything was set up and in went the jars to be boiled for 10mins, then I switched off the unit and left them in there to cool.

I still had some cherry juices left so I decided to boil it down to a thick syrup (I'm thinking pomegranate molasses like, but we'll see...) and bottled that too.

So in the end there was cherries and syrup.

But most of all I'm looking forward to the cherries.

Now I just need to make some ice-cream...


  1. Oh my goodness, what a bargain! I am not miles away from Young - cherry growing land. the local radio has said it was a bumper year for cherries. they have been cheap and v good. nice stash you have made!

    1. Oh you two rock. I hope you get some ice-cream in soon they look amazing

    2. Yes, I'm so happy we've had a good year for cherries as they're one of my favourites. Long may it last!

  2. Great find! But how did you depip them? I too remember bottled cherries from when I was young - I will have to look out for a bargain.

    1. I have a de-pipping tool that I use, which you can see here ( when I preserved cherries last year. It's very functional but very messy.