Storing strawberries...

13 November, 2012

I've been dealing with a large crop of strawberries so far this year.

I know, poor me.

So far this season I've harvested about 4.4kg of strawberries, though not all have been consumed by me - although I've done my fair share! I've been giving the excess away as strawbs, for all their good points, do not store particularly well. I find a day or two max post picking is as long as they'll last before the mould gets them. And as fruit is definitely my weakest link in the fruit and veg growing challenge, I've been thinking of how I can store at least some of the strawbs.

I considered freezing them, but unlike raspberries and blueberries, strawbs don't seem to freeze well. Or, to be more specific, they don't defrost well as they go all soggy. Bottling them didn't really take my fancy either for much the same reasons. Jam sounds nice, but my family and I don't eat much jam. But I do love my dried fruit. So I thought I'd get the dehydrator out and give it a try.

This whole collander of strawbs got sliced into around half centimetre slices and laid out on the dehydrator trays.

 As you can see my chopping was not exactly consistent, but too bad.

Into the dehydrator they went on a medium temp (for my dehydrator that is 50-55 degrees C) for about 12 hours.

Here they are.

These dried strawbs were on the crispy side, which I was happy with as they're more likely to store well than if I left them a bit softer.

The whole collander was reduced to one tiny jar.

And me being me, I had to try them straight away. They taste good, but the crispyness isn't the best.

But I thought, I could mix them with anything moist for that strawberry flavour. Custard, ice-cream, yoghurt, muesli...

So first up I tried yoghurt. I put a tablespoon of dried strawberry pieces into a small bowl of yoghurt.

Then I mixed it in and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

The next morning I gave it a good mix.

It went the most amazingly pink colour. The picture doesn't do it justice. And the taste... OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

Believe me that was an understatement. It tasted divine. It tasted of happiness. It tasted like anything strawberry flavoured should taste, but never does.

Seriously. Do it.


  1. That yoghurt looks amazing let alone the taste. I actually quite like frozen strawberries - I eat them still frozen but then I do have quite childish tastes at times... Speaking of freezing you could make ice cream or sorbet as a means of preserving them, but that may be not be so much preserving as making dessert...

  2. YUM! Do you have pics of where/how you are growing your strawberries? What type are they? Mine are flavourless and not very impressive.

    You could make Strawberry curd?

    1. I haven't any pics at the moment, but will endeavour to work some into a post on the weekend. These are Cambridge Rivals which I got from Diggers, but I also have Alinta and Hokowase in pots. I think the flavour gets better as summer progresses, although I have grown Red Gauntlet but I got rid of them as they were flavourless to me. I'm tempted by the strawberry curd idea...

  3. Just saw this and thought of you

    1. That is amazing!!! I am so making that for christmas. Thanks so much for the link!