04 November, 2012

As you may be aware, way back in 2011 I challenged myself to grow 50% of my fruit and veg for a year. September 2012 was the last month for the challenge, with the 12 month tally being 65%.

Over the last month I've been pondering the 'where to from here', and have decided to rechallenge myself for the next 12 months. This challenge will have an increased target and slightly different rules.

Goal: Grow 80% of my own fruit and veg for a year.

  1. Only fruit and veg consumed within the home will be included. This year, however, I will include food used for friends and family when they come over for meals (previously I excluded food used for larger gatherings, the premise now being this will somewhat negate the food consumed when eating at other peoples houses. I couldn't think of another practical way to include that, or food consumed when eating out).
  2. I will also include bought preserved, dried or frozen foods (previously I only counted fresh fruit and veg).
I will continue to document my fruit and veg grown vs. purchases in my notebook. In fact, for the last month, before I even decided on this next step, I've been continuing to document my purchases and produce. Its a habit for me now. The book sits beside the kitchen scales, and its really easy to do. Also motivating me is being able to look back at the past 12 months of records and see what was growing when.

So, for the month of October, the garden produced (wait for it)... 83% of my fruit and veg.

Yay for beginning above the target!

Let's hope it stays that way.


  1. What amazing % of produce, well done. And yay for the October total. All the best for your challenge.

    I will be struggling the first year on my new patch. Even though I will have tons of space, I need to make new beds, get the fertility up, start from scratch on fruit trees and keep the 'roos and rabbits off.

    1. Cheers! I feel your pain, I would have been the same in the beginning. It's only now, 3ish years on, that I feel confident enough to even try. But you know that all the work now will only lead to rewards later on. Good luck with your new patch. I can't wait to read all about it!!

  2. I've seen your place.
    I believe you'll do it!!

    1. Thanks. It's enough of a challenge to be motivating, but not completely out of reach. We shall see...

  3. 83% is fabulous - congratulations. I was thinking of doing a similar thing but I don't think I will set a goal - my concern being that if I do I will stop buying fruit & veg and eat less of it as a result which somehow defeats the purpose a bit. I will be very interested to see what 100% of veg I grow though.

    1. Thanks! I did (and still do) have that concern, and have to really watch myself to make sure I still buy all the veg I want/need - what a sad world to have to force myself to buy fruit and veg :). But it has made me more focused on exactly what I have in the garden and making the most of it, where before I think I used the garden produce as an add on to what I bought. Now it's the opposite. Good luck with your growing %!