Beating the birds...

08 November, 2012

I love raspberries. Unfortunately, so do the local birds.

The raspberries that I have been eagerly watching flower and form fruit have been slowly ripening over the last week.

But none of them seem to be turning the deep, raspberry red that heralds a truly delicious raspberry.

And this appears to be why.

Bloody birds!

This one hiding between the wire supports and the fence behind has had a reprieve.

But its just as hard for me to get to the berry as for the birds. So to protect the crop I've deployed the troops.


But first I needed to set up the framework.

I use these fabulous joiners to make building the structure easier.

Then I just had to wrestle with the netting, but after much tugging and clipping it was done.

Now the berries are all safe and sound.

Until I get my hands on them. Delicious.


  1. Nice work! Like the joiners. Do you know which birds take your rasberries? Lorikeets? currawongs? blackbirds?

    1. I'm not sure exactly which ones were nibbling, but I've got lots of blackbirds, mynas (of course) and native doves around, as well as the odd rainbow lorikeet and yellow crested cockatoo. I expect they all would get in there given half a chance!