Makeover and potato planting...

07 October, 2012

Yes, the blog has had a long overdue makeover.  I hope you like the new look.

Full credit must go to my fabulous brother Thomas for the design and IT assistance as I am a hopeless noob and could not have done this myself. Full payment in cider is coming your way!

When I first started writing this blog it was only intended to be a bit of a hobby, but I must say particularly over the past couple of months I've gotten a lot more hooked on the whole blogosphere thing. I actually intended to move onto another site, I even bought a domain name, but I've decided to stay here. I like it here.

Today not only did the blog get a makeover, but I managed to get started on tidying up the orchard area. One of the beds I made in this area was a triangular shaped bed which as yet has no orchard related plants in it. I'm still deciding whether I will get more trees (I'm thinking some very dwarfing peach trees, the ones that only grow 1.5m high; does anyone have one? Is it any good?) but as I'm waaaayyyy too late to buy bare root trees (which is how I usually buy them) I have decided this bed will be the potato bed this year.

This morning the bed looked like this.

As you can see there were plenty of weeds to overcome.

As the bed is about 2.5m x 3m along the right angle lengths, I left the spare sleeper there to aid me getting into the middle of the bed. Otherwise its too far to reach.

As I practice no-dig gardening, I laid thick layers of newspaper over the weeds (weighed down by brick to stop them blowing away before I put down the next layer. 

This was then covered by a layer of manure, which mean the bricks were redundant.

Into this bed went the Kind Edward potatotes. They are a mid-late season white floury type potato.

I'm also growing Pink Fir Apple but I'm going to use a wire mesh columnar arrangement for those. Further details to come.

I then spaced out the seed potatoes in the bed.

Where each potato goes I put a big handful of compost.

Then in went the potato.

Then more compost went over the top.

Things were almost done.

Mulch was then to go over the top. Now I have previously tried sugar cane and lucerne mulch which has always worked well. I tried pea straw mulch once, but as that kept sprouting pea plants I found there were just as many pea plants as would have been weeds, so it wasn't really a saving. Then a while back I read on Gavin's blog about a different mulch.

The package shows it expanding to the fill the wheelbarrow after it's soaked in water, but either there was something wrong with my soaking technique or the advertising has some fineprint to say 'results vary'  as mine didn't expand anywhere near as much.

But either way I had enough with two packets to cover the bed.

I'm not sure if I'll try the product again. I'm reserving judgement at this stage.

But either way the weeds are gone, the potatoes are planted and the bed is looking much neater (I will move those bricks soon, yes I will...). Job done!


  1. LOVE the new look, very nice. And yay, potatoes. I cant wait to have more space so I can grow things like potatoes and pumpkins and non-dwarf fruit trees. Cant offer any advice on dwarf peaches...

    1. Thanks, its been mulling around in my head for a while. Yes, potatoes can take a bit of space grown conventionally, but I shall experiment this year with the barrel type approach and growing them vertically so they take up less land space. We shall see if it works.