Long intended recipes...

25 October, 2012

Do you have cookbooks filled with little page markers, and endless sheets of photocopied recipes that you loved the idea of, or handwritten copies of recipes of foods that you tasted and just HAD to have the recipe for, but have never made?

I do.

And today I finally made one.

This one comes from Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie at Home' series, of which there are sadly only two seasons (to my knowledge), where he goes around his Sussex home garden and talks about the vegies with his gardener Brian, and then makes delicious meals based on said veg. I love it! I have it on DVD and its top crap-weather or I-can't-be-bothered-doing-anything watching.

The recipe (among many more I intend to make... one day...) is a kind of Spicy Broad Bean Falafel. Instead of using chickpeas, he uses broad beans. And even though I'm not that much of a fan of broad beans, this one took my fancy.

This week I've been picking the first few of the broad beans, and so I decided to try and make it.

However on getting into the garden, there weren't as many broad beans (some are hiding under the lettuce) as there were peas that really needed to be picked as they were on the verge of getting too big and starchy.

So I decided they would now be Pea and Broad Bean Spiced Falafels.
  • 250g broad beans or peas, or a mix thereof
  • Handful of herbs (I used parsley and mint, as my coriander is still at seedling stage)
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chilli
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • Oil for frying (why do I keep posting recipes where I fry foods? Really, I don't eat this way all the time. But that said I believe in the moderate fat diet, and use sunflower oil for frying, so at least it's a polyunsaturated fat.)
Pod your broad beans and/or peas. While you do this, place half a cm of oil in a saucepan on a medium heat. Because once you've finished podding, the rest takes mere seconds.

Place all the ingredients except flour and oil in a food processor. Whiz until well blended.

Add the flour and mix well. The mixture will look a little gloopy, but it will be ok.

Shape teaspoons of mixture by passing it between spoons. Youtube making quenelles if you're unsure, but really you could plod the stuff in the pan and I doubt you'd have any problems. I decided to do it the Jamie way and quenelle.

Place the formed mixture into the hot oil and fry until they almost look burnt.

They will be very dark brown when they're done. But if you only cook them to light brown they will be soggy, which is not what you want!

Though they are very dark outside, inside they retain their luminous green colour.

Serve on a bed of salad, with a lemony yoghurt dressing.

I reckon they'd make excellent snacking food.

That's one intended recipe down, and many, many more to go.


  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing the scrummy looking falafel recipe. Is that 250g of broadbeans/peas pre- or post- podding? The pod makes a big difference to the weight of a broadbean (not soooo much the case with peas). Thank you!

  2. Good point. Its 250g post-podding!

  3. Thank you - I now realise I could have worked that out myself. Was having one of those "incapable of independent thinking - please just tell me what to do" internet moments.

    Loving this blog (esp. being able to watch what's going on in an other Melbourne produce garden). Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. No problem, we all have those! Thanks! I do love a good blogger name, and I think yours is the best I've seen!

    2. Oh, thank you! Harlot sounds like my surname - it doesn't actually describe my line of work :-)

      In other news, I've just made these falafels! Take that, broadbean glut! They are completely delicious. I found myself all out of cumin, which I know is an essential falafel ingredient, but I substituted cardamom, and threw in a couple of garlic cloves, and they were fine. The lemon zest is so, so, so, so good. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. No problem. I just made me laugh when I read it. Great to hear you made the felafels. My broadbeans are glutting too so I think a broadbean only version will be hitting the kitchen here soon!

  5. They look delicious! I wish hubbie wasn't such a fussy eater, I'd love to make something like this!
    - Christine

    1. I'd do it anyway, as they make a great one person afternoon snack :)