First fruit...

09 October, 2012

Today I picked the first fresh fruit of the season.

Fruit is one thing that unfortunately takes time in the edible garden. Plant a fruit tree and you might be waiting years for the first taste. Strawberries will usually fruit in the first year after planting, but not much as the plants are still establishing themselves. Sometimes if you're lucky cane fruit like raspberries, loganberries, blackberries and the like will also flower and fruit in the first season.

But the most prolific fruit I've found so far when young is alpine strawberries. I've had really good crops off these in the first year of planting (last year), and they just seem to go from strength to strength. I bought the seeds here where they have multiple varieties and lots of really good information.

The other great thing about alpine strawberries is that they fruit early in the season. I don't know if its because they're more cold hardy, or have lesser sunshine or temperature requirements being woodland plants, or if it has to do with daylight hours (as with some of the more standard strawberries) but either way I'm not complaining.

I find even more than with regular strawbs, with alpine strawberries the berries are well hidden.

From above it doesn't look like there is anything worthwhile here. But look beneath the surface of green leaves and there is bounty to be had.

Maybe that's why there doesn't seem to be any bird problems with these berries. But it's not enough to fool me.

This variety is Alexandria. To be honest they weren't as tasty as they are in the peak of summer, but the first fruit of the season will always taste good.

Seeing as these one's were fruiting I went to check on my yellow alpine strawbs (variety Yellow Cream).

Again, not much to be seen from above. But they are sneaky buggers.

There you are.

Alpine strawberries are really to easy to tell when they are ripe for eating as the fruit separates easily from the calyx (the green part at the top of the strawberry).

Yay for the first fruit. May the rest not be far behind!


  1. They are nice looking plants! Never tried alpine strawberries but may now. I am tapping my foot impatiently waiting for my first pick of blueberries, they are just taking too long!

    1. I highly recommend them! So pretty and tasty. If it makes you feel any better my blueberries still have flowers. I have no idea if it's even worth bothering to have pre-fruit impatience yet :)