What happened while I was away...

02 September, 2012

I got back from my conference today, and after five days away it was straight into the garden to check on how things were going.
The Purple Podded peas have started flowering.

I just love pea flowers.

The Greenfeast peas are forming pods, and peas are on their way.

The Purple Sprouting Broccoli has started to form heads. 

They must be pretty tasty as some have been attacked by bugs, who I'm sure are loving the tender new shoots after a winter of tough old leaves.

However I don't fancy they will add much to my eating pleasure. They got a pyrethum spray this afternoon. Hopefully that will fix them.

Also on the brassicas front the Tuscan Kale has gone to seed.

I will see if I can save some seeds from it.

And joy of joys the Artichokes are on their way.


  1. I love your purple flowering peas and the sneek peek of the artichokes. I must say I run to the patch as soon as I get home too.

    1. Yes, there are so many things to check up on!

  2. I blasted a whole lot of aphids today, they had taken up residence in my red cabbage, if the water doesn't work they'll get the pyrethrum treatment. Yoru peas look divine by the way.

    1. I've tried the water trick, but it never seems to get rid of them. Maybe I'll try that next time if there aren't too many, as I don't really like resorting to poisons, even supposedly organic ones.