Tomato trial...

05 September, 2012


This year I have gone a bit nuts over tomatoes.

Ok, so I use the term "a bit" loosely.

This year I am growing 16 varieties of tomato. But I am doing this not only to justify my previously described addiction to purchasing endless varieties of seeds, but for serious scientific endeavour!

Ok, I also use the term "serious scientific endeavour" loosely.

I am planning a tomato trial.

Said trial will include testing the aforementioned 16 varieties of tomatoes across three parameters;
  • Time to first ripe fruit (number of days from sowing)
  • Taste (score on system yet to be determined, but sure to be thorough)
  • Production (in kg - see, I am an optimist - per plant)

I have decided to sow 10 seeds of each variety and will choose the strongest two seedlings for planting out. They will all be grown in the same two beds with the same soil conditions and so will have an equal growing environment. 

The varieties to be tested are:
Principe Borghese - red, oval
Beams Yellow Pear - yellow, pear (I know, yellow and pear! Who would have thunk it?!!)
Lemon Drop - yellow, very small round
Isis Candy - orange, round
Tommy Toe - red, small round
Black Cherry - black/red, small round
Big White Pink Stripe - white/pink, beefsteak
Green Zebra - green/yellow, small round
Rouge De Marmande - red, beefsteak
Siberian - red, oval
Ned Kelly - red, medium ribbed oval
Earl of Edgecombe - yellow/orange, medium round
Garden Peach - red, oval
Black Krim - black/red, small round (thanks to Liz from Suburban Tomato for the seeds!)
Mortgage Lifter - red, large beefsteak
Gardeners Delight - red, small round

Hmmm, it does look a little excessive when written out like that.

All these are indeterminate tomatoes and will be grown with single stakes for support.

But for now all I need to do is wait for them to germinate and make sure they survive the planting out process, then see what the results bring.

Whichever variety wins, its sure to be a tasty ride!


  1. Oh I wish I had room for that many varieties - I do love a semi scientific test and I will await the results keenly. Of those I'm growing Black Krim, Black Cherry, Rouge de Marmande and possibly Tommy Toe, and possibly Principe Borghese - I keep changing my mind. I have seedlings of them but I might still change my mind about what I plant and what I give to dad - oh the dilemmas are too much - if only you'd done your trial last year then I would just plant the best performers...

    1. I know what you mean, I think I will just manage to squish these in but it will be a tight fit. But I'm happy to prioritise tomatoes as they are just about the best thing to grow yourself - nothing bought compares to the taste!

  2. I can just visualise the fully grow plants, laden with fruit now, Oh the smell, how divine. Can wait to see some pics.

    1. I too can see the plants in my minds eye just a few short months from now... hopefully the reality will live up to my imagination!