Three down, four to go...

27 September, 2012

While I am not particularly pleased that tomorrow is my last day off, even if the following days are the weekend, I am pleased that another two tasks have been crossed off the to do list.

Today I completed a couple of small tasks; I made a little herb corner in the veggie garden, and I straightened the pear espalier lattice.

The far corner in the veggie patch is a bit of an awkward space. It does get a good few of hours of sunlight, with some afternoon shade, but with the setting sun beating down on the fence it still is quite hot. I previously had two cherry trees and three blueberries in pots in that corner until I revamped the front yard and they all went into the ground. Since then that corner has been unadorned, except for many milk bottle covers and an old semi-broken barrel pot into which I threw any odds and ends I came across and couldn't be bothered putting away.

So lately it has been looking pretty unappealing.

While I have some herbs in the rest of the garden - Rosemary, Sage, Chives, Thyme, Golden Marjoram and Parsley - I thought having a distinct herb garden would work well, and a lot of herbs are pretty tough, especially the perennials which should do well in that corner.

So I tidied up and put things away, and then set out my pots. I had some pre-purchased herbs ready to go - Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Olive herb (which a friend put me onto, so I had to get one for myself), Garlic Chives, Mint and Thai Basil. When I was happy with the layout I put a container or plastic bag in each pot, and then filled it in with rocks.

I'm hoping this will be kinda like a self watering pot, with a reservoir of water for the plants so they are less likely to dry out come summer, while still allowing for good drainage.

Then I semi filled the pots with potting mix and added water holding granules for extra drought protection.

After they were mixed in well I planted out the herbs. The Olive herb got the biggest pot as it will grow the largest, but the others should be pretty happy with their lot.

However on standing back it all looked a bit too matchy matchy and symmetrical, so I thought I'd add a few other pots with some seeds of Parsley (all mine is starting to go to seed so hopefully this will grow quickly), a mix of Purple Leaf and regular green Basil, and Coriander. Who knows if they will germinate yet, but I can always sow more if it doesn't work out.

Now I may have mentioned that my mother works in an agricultural laboratory as a seed analyst, and as such when they test horticultural seeds she often brings home seed that the owners don't want back. So I had asked her if she had any Coriander seed. And this is what she gave me.

I don't know about you but I think I have enough Coriander seed to last me for the rest of my days.

With the extra pots the herb corner now looks like this.

Now I just need the herbs to settle in and grow.

The second task I did was also a small one. You have probably noticed the lattice fence which separates the front yard from the veggie garden. Along that fence I have espaliered eight pear trees in a Belgian fence style.

Its a bit hard to see them as they're only just breaking into bud, but they basically one day its meant to look like this.
Mine is only three years old now, but if you look closely the lattice is all uneven. Which annoyed me every time I looked at it. But now my mind is at ease, as it now looks like this.

Much nicer.

So all in all a successful day. Tomorrow I get the last of the wood delivered to hopefully finish the orchard raised beds and gravel paths in that area over the weekend. Then I will be most definitely done!


  1. What a wonderful inspiration for an espalier!

    1. Cheers! Share the espalier love! I'm seriously considering trying to espalier my young lime as you have done, but I've never tried to espalier citrus.

  2. I bought an olive herb a couple of weeks ago. Amazing taste.

    1. Yes, its incredible, isn't it! I'm still not sure exactly what I'll do with it, but the anticipation is half the fun!

  3. Wow you have done fantastic work, it looks amazing. Nice to not only have coriander seed to sow but it will save having to buy the herb to cook with. Can't wait to see the pears

    1. True - I didn't even think of that. I can't wait for the pears either, I am inspecting them daily for signs of flowers! Fingers crossed!

  4. You could do lots of microherb sowings with the coriander to get round the fact that it doesn't grow well in Melbourne's summer. Loving the espalier.

    1. That's an excellent idea! I even have some old guttering from an idea that didn't work, and maybe can use that for some microherb sowings. I can just imagine how masterchef my meals will look too! :)