Morning meander...

16 September, 2012

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning is meander around the garden.

This mornings' meander holds the promise of lots of good things to come.

The Cherries are just starting to blossom.

So are the Blueberries, thank goodness. I've been enviously reading of others' (particularly Sydney-siders) Blueberries forming fruit while mine are barren sticks, but now I feel a little better. Hopefully I will get a slightly better Blueberry crop than last year (well it could hardly have been worse!).

Alpine Strawberries and regular Strawberries are getting in on the action.

Also on the berry front, the summer fruiting raspberries are not far away from flowering.

Apples are almost blooming.

This one is called Huonville Crab and is thought to be a cross between a culinary apple and a crab apple, and had red fleshed fruit. It hasn't fruited yet but hopefully will this year. Fingers crossed!

On the fruit side of things there's lots of promise but not much more than that. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Yet.

Luckily the veg is doing its bit. Flowers of the veg sort are blooming and edible. Take that fruit! Purple Sprouting Broccoli (PSB) is hitting its stride.

Side shoots are coming along nicely.

Artichokes are almost at eating stage.

As is the Asparagus (if you can find it).

What promises does your garden bring?


  1. My evergreen blueberries have been flowering for a while but I can't tell if they are going to set fruit yet - I'm looking at the spaces where the flowers were hopefully but they don't seem to be swelling yet...My deciduous blueberry is at exactly the same stage as yours.

    1. Evergreen blueberries??!! How do I get my hands on some of those? Are they a different variety, or plant? Please tell me more. When is the fruit ripe? See I am a mass of questions now. But comforting to know my blueberries are not lagging behind.

  2. Oh I am completely envious! Cherries, berries, crab apples and asparagus. What a wonderful set of things on the rise.

    1. They are pretty special. It gets me every year. I wonder if it will still be as joyful in 10 years time (or more). I hope so! Can one ever get sick of blossoms on trees, or the first signs of perennial veg, or even seedlings germinating...

  3. Ooo very exciting day. Love the blossoms. And very jealous of the asparagus. My raspberries are on strike I think? But then I did only divide them in autumn so perhaps they are sulking because of it?

    1. Very likely, but sometimes they do hide their flowers well. Are your raspberries autumn or spring fruiting? I ask because my spring fruiting ones are the only ones flowering, while the autumn fruiting ones are putting out new leaves but no flowers (I have tried this year going against convention and didn't cut them back to the ground. I'm waiting to see what happens...)